Lanny’s October Dividend Income Summary

Wow… October is over, isn’t it?  World Series baseball has SPIKED and our beloved Cleveland Indians are making some history vs. the Cubs.  What a great way to end October and intro to November!  The cold and warm weather also keep battling on who is getting the last laugh, as it has swung from 75 to 50 back to 75 a few times over the last week.  However, we all know that the cold always wins towards the end of the year here in Ohio!  Enough about baseball and weather, you are here for dividends, so let’s see what I was able to rake in for the month in the dividend income investing world!

dividend income

Dividend income

This was a record October month, I received a total of $370.48  Very solid and right on par where I thought I would and currently spread across 12 different entities for the month:


With the 12 different entities paying me above, this is greater than the 10 at this point last year.  When doing the comparison, as you’ll see below, the new guy is Kraft-Heinz (KHC), as this was pre and post the acquisition, as well as a small $1.12 for the spin off of BHP Billiton (BBL) of SOUHY.  Not too bad and I know Bert beat me to the punch to post the article – congrats big Bert!  He explains more on KHC as well.

Similarly, I have split out between the individual stock amounts and the retirement accounts, as the ” – R” indicates a Roth IRA dividend (or the furthest column to the right, I forgot the “R” this time).  I separate these two, as I like to know what portion of my dividend income is coming from those retirement accounts that I cannot touch until 59.5 (barring any other usage rule I could use).  Here, it shows that I received a total of $33.01 or only 8.9% of my income from retirement accounts and the other 91.1% was from my individual taxable account portfolio.  $33.01 is up from $29.63 last year and this shows from retirement accounts shows that I’m all ready for my set it and forget it mentality to keep that income going.  To see my portfolio – one can go to our portfolio summary page.

Dividend income year over year comparison

2015: div income for month

2016: oct-lb-inc

From looking above, all dividends are up outside of Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), those punks!  However, all else – dividends are up, such as Philip Morris (PM) and Canadian Imperial (CM), Bert has a few of these guys too.  How? One may ask that question.  There is an easy answer to this question.  Through dividend reinvestment and dividend growth, I have been able to further propel this portfolio.  The compounding effect of these two events are intense and can be seen easily above!  It is an amazing feeling seeing the impact these two actions have on the portfolio.  Overall, my growth was $30.67 or 9%, greater than last year.  I’m happy with this, but also pretty ticked that Bert dominated this month vesus my growth.  Bert, I’ll stomp you, maybe not November, but without a doubt in December, BRING IT!

dividend increases



Do you see the impact of the dividend growth and increases above?  I am in awe by the shear impact this had on my portfolio, in one single month!  It is incredible and am damn well fortunate to see consistent months with solid/consistent increases.  Aflac (AFL) and AT&T (T) came in with expected dividend increases, literally, right on the money.  Then Visa (V) actually increased their dividend at a higher rate than last year.  V’s increase was something not expected, as you normally see a high dividend growth, low yield wind down the growth after multiple periods of growth, and do not normally expect an increase greater than last year.  Let’s just say I had no complaints this month, at all.  To add $17.10 in forward income, I would have to make an investment of $489 given a 3.50% yield.  Thank you stocks, excited for November!

dividend income conclusion & Summary

Though it was only 9% growth year over year, I looked above and know that it is truly from dividend growth and reinvestment, hands down, outside of Kraft being included to offset the Glaxo decline.  I know that consistency and time in the market will continue to increase this income year, after year and out of the 12 companies above, 6 had dividend increases (not calculating any foreign currency translation).  Very lucky and fortunate!  Now, just to turn that 6 to a 12…

As I discussed with my NEW updated – normal monthly expenditures at the moment, this $370 would cover 38% of my average $984 monthly expense for my house, including utilities; up from last year and covers all of my utilities and house insurance.  All of the investing from last year and moves this year, show being frugal to save 60% of my income, that every dollar counts, has helped me in achieving lofty goals that I set in place for my 2016 year.  However, we all know that I am VERY excited for 2017 to come!

How did your October turn out?  Bring in a good amount of dividend income?  What do you see from my progress above?  Any comments, tips, insight or further suggestions are always appreciated!  Hope everyone enjoyed October, has a plan of attack on those leaves, as well as are progressing towards the final months towards their 2016 goals!  Thanks again and talk soon.


26 thoughts on “Lanny’s October Dividend Income Summary

  1. Solid month Lanny. You’re pushing on $400 for a fairly slow month of dividend payments which is impressive. Wow, nearly 40% expense coverage with a slow dividend month is great. Keep adding to great companies at good valuations and the dividends will take care of themselves. All the best in November.

  2. Nothing wrong with your dividend total for an otherwise “slow” month. That’s the beauty of being a dividend growth investor… you can experience year over year growth with little or no new fresh capital being added. Simple dividend growth and reinvestment can move that snowball along just fine. Always nice to read these reports. Like you, I can’t believe that October flew by so quickly. Look forward to seeing a strong 2016 finish!

    • Hut –

      Thanks for the pump up. I really don’t expect any further dividend cuts/decreases, so this should start really taking off and I’d be shocked to heck if I don’t cross $400 in October next year.

      It was a blur and the Tribe losing still makes me upset, ugh, I’ll get over it… next year haha. Thanks again and talk soon!


    • Rider,

      thank you very much for the info, I do really appreciate it. Then, the question is, when will the currency swing in our favors?!?! BAH!! Would love that, eh?

      And of course – it’s funny, I want the numbers to be bigger, so it’s a reminder that I am not there yet, and that I need to keep running harder. Here we go, time is on our side, let’s keep moving.


    • Tawcan –

      Thanks for the post, as always. It’s okay it’s a lower month, YOY it was bigger and that’s the big piece, as you know. VISA was awesome, so pumped, now.. only wish I had more shares, right? Haha, it’s funny, the bigger div increases are always on the positions I have a lower investment in! Agh!! Hope that tide turns…


    • MrSLM –

      Of course and you are right, the December month will be monstrous I believe. Very excited to finish the yield on a damn strong note. Need to keep the push on, keeping warm though as the winter creeps up.


    • Tristan –

      Thank you very much. I wish I could have gotten back to the comments sooner, still mourning my Cleveland Indians… it’s been tough, feel empty…

      BUT, at least the dividends don’t stop rolling, right? Much appreciated, we need to keep pushing each other.


  3. The rivalry between Bert and Lanny, love it! Please do keep beating and challenging each other on occasion, you both will end up benefiting from it!
    Talking about (positive) rivalry, think this is the first month we will actually end up with more dividend income then either of you, which is a first I think. We should be coming in around €550 this month, very happy with that as you can imagine.
    Let’s keep that snowball rolling 😉

    • CF –

      Haha, glad you like it. Any new motivation helps and continuous motivation – this is one that will last quite some time, that’s for sure.

      Uh oh!!! HERE YOU GO CF!!! NICE JOB, KILLED IT. Just dominating, YOU keep the snowball rolling. LETS GOOO!!!!


  4. We’ve been watching and rooting for the Cubs (Sorry, bro!), most midwesterner around the quadcity would root for Cubs.

    Another solid month, I admire your raises!


    • Viv –

      Damn.. so tough, so so tough. I do believe most would root for the Cubbies, an amazing game 7. I can’t wait to be healthy and to start the new year.

      And thank you again, I really appreciate it!!


  5. Nice job Lanny. I like how you called attention to the power of DRIP investing. Those dividends really add-up if they are re-invested. Congrats on another fine month.

    • IH,

      Thanks for the post, as always. DRIPing is hilarious when you begin to start seeing those positions really build and they “really” start reinvesting in quite a few more shares. It’s awesome, that’s when it becomes really fun.


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