November Divided Income from YOU the Bloggers!

One month to go for 2016!  In the midst of being snowed in, shoveling 2-3x per day, we have compiled the list of dividend income from the bloggers in the community.  We’re sure you all know the drill, each month, we first publish our dividend income summaries (Bert’s here and Lanny’s here) and then aggregate as many as we can from ALL OF YOU in the dividend growth investing community.  SO if we didn’t include you this month, please understand it is not personal and is more of a result of timing!  Now, time to dive in and check out our November Dividend Income summary from all of you dividend bloggers in the community!

dividend income from you the bloggers!

Without further-ado, the list of bloggers who have posted about their dividend income that we have read throughout the last two weeks or so are as follows:

Dividend Dolphin – 15.72 (Euro) – Nice job and keep it up, it’ll keep growing, that’s almost a definite!

Dividends Down Under – $0 – Guess what?  Next March, as you mentioned, will be a month when you post some divvys!  Persistence is key, keep your head up!

A Frugal Family Journey – $162.89 – Massive, nice work!  Pumped for you guys.  Decent spread of companies as well for you and that will keep improving.  No real big out-lier and just a solid mix of companies.  Keep it up.

Investment Hunting – $305.70 – Real solid here, especially after the big sell-off, cool seeing you collect triple digit dividend income in an off-month.  Pumped to see what your December will look like.  Omega (OHI) had a massive payment to you, but other than that, some solid payers all around.  Congrats!

Two Investing – $280.57 – Apple (AAPL) kept the dividend strong this month!  And don’t worry, we feel your pain with Kinder Morgan (KMI), you aren’t the only one!  Keep going.

My Dividend Pipeline – $175.14 – Here we go, off month and MDP is getting back on the charts!  He recently crossed over the $5K forward dividend income mark.  MDP is BACK and he’s in straight attack mode.  Scary seeing where he will be in one year from now.

DivHut – $541.41 – Here we go, marching in with over $500 for an off-month!  Killer here.  Also, great names and a nice spread.  You are also in the boat of owning HCP, wondering when the first QCP dividend will be : )  Congratulations and keep it up, great motivation!

Race2Retirement – $1,530.51 – Um….  Not sure what I need to say here.  Mr. going for $3,000 per month in 3,000 days is on his way there, that’s for damn sure.  With this type of income on this type of month is massive and I cannot imagine what else he has in store for December and 2017.  Great work and huge to keep us all going.

Divicents – $514.75 –  Huge month, posting a 23% increase compared to 2015.  The November results pushed Divicents over $5,000 for the year and is staring last year’s dividend totals in the eyes.  Keep the momentum rolling in December to blow your 2015 out of the water!

Passive Income Dude – $298 – Four companies and an option producing almost $300 in income here in November for PID.  Don’t worry PID, we feel your pain here, we cannot wait to starting buying some stocks again too.

The Dividend Pig – $176.70 – Somehow, Dividend Pig received dividends from 20 companies in an “off month.”   Love the reference to how your dividend income is able to cover a healthy portion of your bills!  It makes monitoring your income that much more fun.

Dividends Down Under -$0 – It is tradition at this point.  In our last two monthly summaries, we inadvertently include DDU twice in this article.  This month, we had to intentionally do it because it is hilarious!

Time In The Market – $79.04 –  We’ve mentioned it before, but TITM tracks dividend income on a wage per hour.  TITM needs a  miracle to knock out the 2016 goal of $4.50 per hour….luckily, we are in the holiday season that is filled with miracle stories.

Captain Dividend – $290.59 – Here we go Captain dividend, nice work there; I see you are also loving AT&T (T) – let’s see what the Time Warner may have in store for it!  Congrats.

Dividend Hawk – $1,038.45 – OH MY GOSH!  WHOA WHOA WHOA!  Over 4 digits in an off-month.  There we go, straight cruising now!  definitely some strong motivation and am scared/excited to see what December looks like.

Cheesy Finance – 434.75 (Euro) – Just a small 191% growth rate for Team CF here, earned from a pretty diversified listing of companies.  Team CF added 100 shares of Shell too, so the dividend income should continue to keep on pouring in!

Tawcan – UH OH, another century mark here, the dividend hawk is with you here on this one!  Nice job Tawcan and the spread you have with the # of companies paying you is very nice, one hell of a group : )

Young Dividend – $263.66 – Bodda bing, bodda boom.  That is awesome.  You had a great month and think the method you use to display your dividends is very convenient as you show what is taxable, IRA and the 401(k).  Congratulations and hope you are having a great December!

Mr. Free at 33 – $630.80 – Whoa, Jason had a long list of companies that paid him in November.  He had commented on a few of the items that occurred for that month to be “lower” but I think that’s a strong as hell amount!  Jason shows the % these dividends cover, as well as other income, and November he was able to cover 83%, awesome.  Nice work Jason, keep pushing forward through December!

Cruising here!  WOW, who would have thought that so many would have over $500, let alone those that had over $1,000.  It is a simple thought process…save a lot and use the excess savings to improve your financial position by purchasing income producing assets, paying down debt, you get the picture.  We end this article every month with a simple reminder, and it is how the two of us think here.  Every…freaking…dollar matters when you are trying to reach financial freedom, retire early, and pursue what YOU want in life.  With the Holiday month left, let’s make the impossible happen and head into 2017 with the dividend engine firing on all cylinders!  Talk soon, Happy Holidays and God bless!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats




35 thoughts on “November Divided Income from YOU the Bloggers!

    • No problem TITM. It is a blast compiling the results and seeing that everyone in the community is just crushing it. Let’s enjoy the best dividend month of the year and finish out 2016 with a bang!


  1. Lanny and Bert,

    Thanks so much for including me!

    It’s great to see so many different people out there changing their lives like this. We’re talking a lot of money here, individually and in aggregate. How awesome.

    Keep it up!

    Best regards.

    • Jason,

      Whether someone in this article earned one dollar, one hundred, or one thousand dollars, everyone in this article is one step closer to financial freedom. You’re absolutely right, it all adds up and the dollars are real. Let’s finish out 2016 strong and set some records in December.


  2. Just keep inspiring me to continue on the DGI path with these posts. As always, thank you for including me in this round up and the many other dividend bloggers out there. Nice job to all!

    • This serves as a great inspiration to us too Divhut. Love seeing the progress and the dollar figures thrown around. I always leave this article more motivated to buy and just say “Screw It.” Now, we just need the market to come down so we can start actually buying stocks.


  3. Lanny and Bert,

    THANK YOU for including me – It’s an honor to make your guys’ list. Soon we will be buying again! 🙂 A lot of great bloggers here; thanks for sharing!


    • PID,

      Of course! We are pumped to see what moves you make and how much you can increase your income by this time next quarter. Stay hungry and use these other blogs as motivating to kick some a$$ in December.


    • Every dollar counts Noob. The snowball needs to start somewhere and once it gets going…WATCH OUT! Glad these articles inspire you as much as they do us. Great things are happening in this community!


  4. Some very nice number, congrats you all! Keep going strong and get to the pretty goal of not having to work another day in your life!
    Keep them coming Ber and Lanny, these overviews are awesome.

    • You can’t break from tradition Tristan? Where would the fun in that be? You better hold up your end of the bargain and CRUSH IT in January. We’ll be waiting and look forward to reporting the numbers twice in this summary.


    • Tawcan –

      No need to say thanks – THANK YOU for all that you’re doing out there. Hope you have been enjoying the month and staying warm haha. Hitting the low teens here tomorrow, hoping it doesn’t snow/freeze rain. Talk soon.


  5. I’ll be honest, this blog has helped tremendously with letting me finally squeeze the trigger and dive into investing – For that I have to say thank you! I started up in June with my first investment and have been growing and diversifying since then. For November I only pulled from my monthly dividend payers: ETJ @ 8.37; EXG @ 4.8; and SLVO @ 10.83. That makes my total for November $20.48!

    Feels good to break 20 with only 3 companies and I’m really looking forward to December with 7 companies paying!

    • Alex –

      Pumped as hell we could help. NOICE. Collecting dividends is what it’s about; breaking $20 in a month and you just started. 7 payers this month? Can’t wait to hear about it. Stop by again and stay focused, consistent and stick with what you’re doing!


  6. Everyone coming in with super strong months! And the best part is the biggest dividend paying month of the year is upon us! All while dividend raise season is coming at us. Loving watching everyone continue to grow their wealth and income! Lets all finish strong.

  7. Does anyone know what happened to Dividend Hustler? He used to be included in these dividend updates, and I also enjoyed following his blog too. I notice that his web site has been offline for the past week or two (at least). If anyone knows what happened to that site, please share.

    • Mike –

      Wish I knew – would be curious if others knew. I did notice/Bert pointed it out that his blog was no longer. Talk about completely falling off. Hope him and his family are okay, but would love if someone had something to add.


    • I tweeted with DH about 2 weeks ago and he’s OK. He just decided to go private for now and said that the blog was taking up too much time. You can always reach out to him via direct msg on Twitter but he’s doing just fine.

  8. As always, thank you for the leg work in assembling this data! I love all the positivity and encouragement I read in the comments. The dividend investing community is truly a wonderful group of people!

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