May Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

2018 continues to fly by and we are nearing the halfway mark already. Man oh man, where has time gone?  Now that another month is in the books, we get to embark on one of our favorite activities each month…reading blogger’s monthly dividend income summaries!  Why?  We both are extremely motivated by the hustle, hard work, and amazing results exhibited by so many in the dividend growth community.  Thus, each month, we aggregate as many dividend income summaries from the community as we can into one article so we can share the results with all of you.  Here is the May installment of the Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers series!

A Frugal Family Journey – $247.19 – What a nice ride you had in May!  I see you have AT&T (T) in both accounts, hopefully those sizable dividends were reinvested back at lower-priced shares!  I know I was loving my reinvestment this month!  Congrats AFFJ.

Pollies Dividend – $280.07 – Watching you make moves over there!  Omega (OHI) giving you a nice boost this month, in over $69 worth of dividends, not to mention you experienced a few dividend increases during May as well.  Keep on doing you PD!

My Financial Shape – 1,623 Swiss Francs – This is MFS’s first time in this article and what a way to enter the series. MFS crushed it and posted an increase that was over 100% compared to last year.  Holy freaking cow.

Dividend Seedling – $23.98 –  The seeds continue to be planted for DS.   You said it best, “The snowball is real.”  Keep grinding, keep hustling, and watch that snowball continue to grow!

Dividend Compounder – $153.68 –  This is Dividend Compounder’s first EVER monthly dividend income report.   That’s a big accomplishment itself.   Those were two massive dividends from OHI and T.   Nice job!

Investing Pursuits – $261.59 –  An excellent amount for an off-month.  Interestingly though, this was a decrease compared to last year due to a REIT that reduced its dividend payout significantly.  Still, eaning over $261 is a great haul.

Dividend Income Stocks – $244.06 – DIS made a lot of moves this month, adding $700 to the TFSA account and selling/purchasing a few investments.  What’s exciting is the fact that DIS is closing in on a milestone market value.  You’ll get there before you know it.

Money Maaster – $318.52 –  Buried in this income article was a huge milestone for Money Maaster.  Congrats on crossing $6,000 in forward income during May!

My Dividend Dynasty – $830.00 – Just on a tear!  What’s wild is, you earned this from having only 6 companies pay you.  Sprague (SRLP) crushed it for you, as well as OHI and T, as well.  Congratulations, as that is a HUGE amount for such an off-month.  Freedom awaits.

Time in the Market – $175.73 – There we go, much better than your 2017.  Pumped that you are using DRIP, as well, to increase those dividends going forward.  Nice work.

Dividend Snail – $209.45 – Snail crossed $200 for the first time in a month that wasn’t at the end of a quarter.  The 30% increase was great Snail!  You had a very well-balanced dividend month.

Engineering Dividends – $590.19 –  ED extends the consecutive months receiving over $500 in dividend income streak to 6.  Honestly ED, there isn’t any looking back now and you may have to raise your benchmark soon once your cross $600 in August 🙂

Steps to FI – $649.54 –  An excellent month for Steps to FI here.  Even though StFI sold out of OHI during the year, it was after the ex-dividend date so the dividend could be received.  Nice move!

Stashing Dutchman – $91.27 – Dutchman provided us with two dividend updates in one (April and May).  SD also padded future months by purchases PEP, MO, and PM.  Way to keep the ball moving!

Dividends Are Coming – 306.07 Euros – DAC eclipsed the 300 Euro mark this month, which is excellent for an “off” dividend month.  Nice job!

Dividends and Hobbies – $342.62 –  What a month right here!  Another blogger that received an insane dividend from OHI.  D&H received $100 from the healthcare REIT.

Dividend FIREman – $1,012.26 – Man oh man it was close.  But for the first time, FIREman was able to cross the $1,000 dividend income mark in a given month.  Congratulations on passing this milestone.

March Toward Million – $61.67 –  March Toward Million definitely has the lowest dividend per company ratio in this article, as MTM received $61.67 from 51 different companies.  But all that matters is that MTM’s dividend income continues to grow!

Dividend Dozer – $82.04 – Dozer had an impressive dividend growth rate,  catapulted by ABBV’s strong dividend increase.

Dividend Solutions – $846.19 –  DS showed something really cool in this article.  Most articles look back one year; however, DS showed the fact that May 2016 had $243 in dividend income.  Talk about an insane dividend growth rate in two short years!

Tawcan – $1,459.76 –  Tawcan considers to deliver insane results in 2018.  This is yet ANOTHER four-digit dividend income month and his second highest total ever.  Keep the inspiration going.

Passive Canadian Income – $307.07 –  Speaking of incredible year-over-year results. PCI posted a  ridiculous 317% dividend growth rate compared to last year.  Wow!

Dutch Independence – 112.29 Euros –  You’re darn right you are seeing some nice progress DI.   Receiving dividends from 4 new companies this month was huge and you made some great purchases as well. Great job!

Journey to Total Freedom – $796.06 – JTF includes the dividend income totals in the broader income and expense report for the month.  What’s jaw-dropping in this article is JTF’s 85% pre-tax savings rate.  Holy freaking cow.

Dividend Portfolio – $79.33 –  There it is…a new personal record for Dividend Portfolio.  Congratulations and you are crushing it.  You’re on the doorstep of $1,000 in forward dividend income and will cross that mark before you know it.

Mike @ Balanced Dividends – $163 –  The dividend snowball continues to roll here for Mike, posting another strong month of dividend income in his Robinhood account.

Mr. Robot @ Financially Free in 10 Years – 26.14 Euros –  Mr. Robot is just crushing it this year and is full-steam ahead towards achieving his goals.  Man, we’re excited for you and seeing the progress that you’ve made.

Passive Income Pursuit – $292.35 –  This was a fundamental DRIP month for PIP.  PIP did not receive any dividends from new companies compared to last year, so the adjusted 8% increase compared to last year was due solely to dividend increases and dividend re-inventing.

Dividend Gremlin – $267.98 –  The Gremlin strikes again with another excellent dividend month.  Happy early birthday by the way DG!

Passive Income Vortex – $413.62 – Woah, woah, woah.  Was that a 102% year over year increase Vortex??  That’s what we’re talking about.  Nice job!

Young Dividend – $567.84 –  YD received a pretty ridiculous dividend from AT&T this month.  That $187 check from the telecom giant added over 5 shares news shares via DRIP.  That’s how you keep the snowball rolling.

Dividend Vet – $304.01 – You received a few massive dividends from telecommunications of ATT (T) and Verizon (VZ).  However, it looks like Kinder Morgan (KMI) gave you a jolt, with their wonderful dividend increase this year.  Congratulations Vet!

Wallet Squirrel – $25.67 – KILLER!  Nice job Wallet, bringing in dividend income and using that, as well as other side income, to buy more investments.  Congratulations!

Fiscal Voyage – $487.04 – Though you have other sources of side income, as well, you earned almost $500 for the month in dividend income from your investment accounts!  Well on the way Voyage, well on the way!

Stockles – $726.00 – What a phenomenal figure, holy crap!!  Also, 115% growth rate is something that is hard to do, especially at the income figures you are at.  Congrats Stockles!

Tall Investing – $324 –  Tall Investing had a great month right here.  Those dividend increases from ABBV and WSM had a HUGE impact on your stellar results.

Dividend Quest – $936.57 –  Dividend Quest crossed $900 in dividend income for the 4th time ever!  It is great to see that you are receiving such a strong dividend in an “off month” during the quarter.

Diligent Dividend – $224.76 –  Just a “small” dividend growth rate of 186% here for Diligent!   You have four monthly dividend income payers that are going to crush it for you each month.

Desidividend – $272.48 –  Desi’s top 3 dividend payers accounted for 56% of the monthly dividend income.   T and CAT are two great companies that are both in our portfolios as well.

Wealth From Thirty – $18.83 –  You hit it right on the head.  Sure it wasn’t the largest month, but every freaking dollar counts on this journey.  Keep up the great work WFT!

Dividend Pursuit – $30.25 –  Seven excellent companies paid DP a dividend this month, but that amount was eclipsed by your rental income.  It is cool to see how you have diversified revenue streams here!

Passive Income Maverick – $1,463.25 – Pumped that you have a huge position in Senior Housing (SNH), as I (Lanny) own them too.  Omega (OHI) was massive as well and you have an intense pipeline of dividends.  Further, you almost received $1,500 in an off-month.  Nice job, overall!

DivHut – $780.74 – Here we go DH!  Crushing it, left and right, and you are another investor with over 30% growth from the prior year!  I also think you are the first one to not have a dividend from AT&T (T) or Verizon (VZ), talk about going against the grain : )

Mr. Free @ 33 – $948.68 – Again, 30% higher from prior year and if you keep that growth rate up, your income will be rock solid in 2019, as well!  The cool thing is – you are not in heavy investment mode and you haven’t been making thousands of dollars in purchases, it’s crazy!  Nice job J!

Dividend Pig – $957.16 – Good Lord!  You are definitely rolling in the trough, in a good way!  You and others are gosh dang close to the $1k mark.. in May!!  How the heck do you do it?  Congratulations!

Money Hungry – $293.94 – MH’s 114% year over year increase was due to the fact that MH received dividends from 7 new companies this month compared to May 2017.  Amazing job MH!

Total:  46 Bloggers Received $20,772 in Dividends in May (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation)

Everyone who is included above, and those that didn’t make the list, congratulations on yet another strong month!  The DGI community continues to impress and deliver strong results and impressive dividend growth rates.   All of your hard work, research, investment decisions, support for others, side hustles, and effort are starting to pay off.  The path to FI/RE is that much closer for each and every one of you, and we are excited to be a part of the journey.  For those of you that aren’t believers yet, this month is another example that EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS on your path to FI/RE.  Let’s roll up our sleeves, get back to work, and build upon the foundation that we continue to build.  Congratulations again everyone!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

66 thoughts on “May Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Thanks for the shout-out. I really appreciate it. It’s truly motivating to be active in the DGI community. Good to see everyone is on their way up. Looking forward to share our views on stocks and progress. Keep us informed, Bert and Lanny…

    Good work, guys!

    • Compounder,

      Of course! We were happy to include you and are always excited when we see a new member of the dividend community pop up. We’re really looking forward to getting to know you!


  2. Thanks for gathering all the info into one handy blog post yet again! It amazes me how many progress is being made month after month for everyone. Just imagine what the combined income will bring in on itself the next months, love the compounding!
    Thanks Diplomats for your hard work and time to make this list again and again, cheers!


    • DI,

      Of course, this is our favorite post to put together each month! Isn’t it nuts how well people have done over the year? I love seeing each person’s growth and progress. It just shows that each investor is taking great strides and doing whatever they need to get the job done and move closer to FI/RE. You’re right, the combined income will be just insane. That combined DRIP must have been pretty darn nasty if you ask e.


  3. Wow, very inspiring to read about all of these amazing YoY increases and seeing the snowball in effect across the board! Love this post too as someone new to the DGI community it gives me a great reading list of more blogs to check out and congratulate on their success, thanks guys!

    • DivvyDad,

      It is extremely inspiring. It has been fun over the last year seeing the growth in progress. Everyone in this article, and those we didn’t include, are doing such amazing things and taking impressive steps. I love seeing these double digit and triple digit YOY growth rates! Welcome to the community. Hopefully you will love it as much as we do. Everyone does a great job of inspiring, motivating, and bouncing ideas off of one another. We are our best resource and you’ll quickly realize that. We’re looking forward to getting to know you better!


  4. Great stuff and thanks again for compiling this. I know I miss many of these each month because there’s only so much time. But man is it awesome to see nearly $21k from everyone. I’m pretty stoked about the 2nd half of the year, even though I don’t want it to be here yet, because there’s some pretty cool milestones that I should be able to cross. All the best with the rest of June!

    • JC,

      Of course, we’re happy to do that. The community just continues to freaking crush it. I’m with you, the second half of the year should be pretty darn impressive. The growth rates have been great, so it will be fun to see two full quarters of DRIP now that we will receive the results of these impacts. I’m looking forward to see what you have up your sleeve and what milestones you are going to cross. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the article discussing your results.


  5. Hey guys. I always know when your list comes out, because my page views jump way up. :)) I’ve been slammed with work this month but i will be posting again soon. Thanks as always for including me on this list. Great work my fellow dividend investors!

    • FIREman,

      We’re happy to her that others are checking out your story and website as well. Man, you are just crushing it! Looking forward to your next post and seeing what you have up your sleeve.


  6. Thanks for the inclusion Lanny & Bert! I am excited to be part of the “family”, it certainly helps with keeping the motivation high. I really like to be able to see everybody’s progress towards FI 🙂

    • Hey – we’re all one big, happy, FIRE family here. I love how well we get along and the fact that we motivate each other. The best part is that this family continues to grow with each passing day. The FI/RE continues to grow 🙂


  7. Nice to see all these people bringing in and increasing the dividend. Always ncce to also be able to see the ones on this list that i Missed throughout the month. Of course thanks for remembering me.

  8. D.A.M.N.
    Some killer income this month – good stuff.

    As always, thanks for the call out and for assembling this piece of awesomeness.

    Also, I cracked up on your comment on Keith @ DivHut… no T. That was basically my only income for May.

    – Mike

    • Mike,

      Glad we were able to make you laugh haha We have to have some fun putting this together, right? We appreciate your kind words about the article and putting this together is our pleasure. It is awesome seeing how well everyone is doing here.


  9. As always, thanks for putting the list together. Awesome job everyone. This month will be even better as it is a quarter ending month. Looking forward to everyone’s next update.

  10. My favourite part of the blog where I get “inspired” by all of the success stories posted here. Congratulations to all of you! Thanks to you I have started investing in dividend paying stocks (mostly Canadian) and I am enjoying the ride (and the dividends). Keep up the great work Bert and Lanny 🙂

    • Michael,

      I’m glad you get inspired here and that you took your first steps towards dividend investing! We couldn’t be happier to be a part of this journey with you and are honored that we helped convince you 🙂 What Canadian stocks do you own??


      • Some of my monthly Canadian dividend payers : Canoe EIT Income Fund (EIT-UN.TO), Parkland Fuel (PKI), Inter Pipeline Ltd. (IPL) and Timbercreek Financial (TF). Canoe has paid a wonderful monthly dividend for several years now and was one of the first stocks I owned. Bell Canada (BCE), Enbridge (ENB) and Suncor (SU), the largest energy company in Canada all have regularly increased their dividends for many years. I hold a total of about 20 stocks, all Canadian companies and I love to see the dividends come rolling in!

  11. Looks like May was a very strong month for many of us. I can’t imagine what the end or quarter June will look like. Still no T or VZ for me as you mentioned. Maybe I’m against the grain but it just goes to show that there are many ways to skin a dividend cat 🙂 Thanks for the inclusion.

    • Divhut,

      Couldn’t agree more, this month was awesome. June will be freaking insane for the community if they can keep things moving at this rate. You’re spot on though, there are multiple ways to skin this cat 🙂


  12. Aaaah guys. Thanks again for including Stockles on the list and thanks for showing us all that we are a huge community. I’m very pleased with my $726 and 115% YTY growth and hope to be able to continue on this read for a long time.

    Please never stop publishing this great great list.


  13. Awesome job yet again Diplomats. This post continues to be my favourite one of the month. Thanks for including me again this month! It’s an honor to be on this list, I’ll do my absolute best to move up on the ranks! 🙂

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