June Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

We are halfway through 2019 on our Dividend Income and Dividend Investing 2019 journey.  We have six massive months to go.  It’s time to make each day, each dollar and each investment count.  The market has still been on an up-swing, as of late, and opportunities are still hard to come by.  Remember, dividends allow us to take back our time, slow things down, and enjoy every step along the way, while reducing stress.   We are all on this journey together!  Which is why each month, we aggregate as many dividend income summary articles from around the community.  Here is the June 2019 version of the Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers series!

My Dividend Dynasty – $1,051.39 – You know we started it off with a 4 bagger baby!  That International Business Machines (IBM) dividend is no joke, at all.  Keep building that Dynasty, you’re getting there.

Retire by 40 – $1,138 – Another 4 digit month RB40!  Love the year you are having, the travel hack you are doing (we wrote about Airbnb) and the meals you guys are cooking.  Keep cooking up that portfolio and I hope you smash a dividend record this year!

Dividend Snail – $344.91 –  Snail is easily beating his goal of maintaining at least a 25% dividend growth rate each month.  June was just another example of the awesome progress Snail is making.  Much faster than the blog’s name would suggest!

Divhut – $1,076.62 –  Over $1,000 in a month is always an impressive investing milestone.  Especially give the fact that Keith did not have any mutual fund payouts.  Plus, Keith is simplifying accounts with Schwab.  Get this, he will have free trades for 20 years.  Talk about a deal right there!

Dividend Portfolio – $160.47 –  Dividend Portfolio broke a mini-milestone this month crossing the $150 mark.  The beauty of dividend investing is that you will continue to break new milestones as soon as you knock out the old one.  Congrats DP!

Passive Cash – $128.57 –  The dividend’s continue to flow and your rental property added even more to your income.  You’re really living up to your blog’s name!

Snug Fortune – $185.55 –   Snug Fortune continues to see rocketing dividend growth compared to last year!  Further, Snug Fortune received two huge dividend increases this month from Big Banks (Which Bert wrote about as well).

Dividend Pig – $2,066.77 – That’s some serious cash and literally dropping jaws.  Further, that’s a significant dividend from 3M (MMM) and Home Depot (HD).  At the rate you are earning/increasing your dividend, can’t wait until you cross $3k, I think this time, next year, you may be there.

Divvy Dad – $1,566.76 – WHOA!  Another 4 digit bagger is happening here.  Is this the new norm?  Excited for you.  Keep on chugging Divvy D!

Investing Pursuits – $448.95 – Bodda bing, bodda boom.  Serious cash right here.  Big dividends from Enbridge (ENB) you have stacking there, not to mention your pizza investments.  I would be contributing to the pizza revenue stream, no doubt.

Dividend Swan – $407.42 – That list is HUGE for receiving $407.42, picture what it will be like in a few years.  Boeing Company (BA) is giving you a nice check!  After the incidents, did you end up buying more?  Seems like it’s working out for you!

Dividend Hawk – $1,575.33 – I love that massive Intel (INTC) dividend you are receiving on a quarterly basis.  Additionally, you have a very good spread and there’s not a massive/one company that covers majority of your income.  Excited for what’s to come for you Hawk!

Mr. Tako Escapes – $12,009.15 – Uhm.. do I even need to discuss anything here.  Mr. Tako is proving to be an inspiration here, as he comes in with a MAMMOTH quarter end at OVER $12,000!  That will surely add a bang to this month’s total dividend income.  Keep doing YOU Mr. Tako.

Fiscal Voyage – $941.82 – Second best month for Felix over at Fiscal Voyage.  He also earns $700 for rental income, which reduces his expenses and ultimately lets him invest MORE into income producing assets.  The wonderful cycle of the cash flow process I tell ya.

Dividend Vet – $509.38 – It’s okay you had a slight 4% decrease.  Technically, you had an increase, but it was due to timing on one of your fund dividends.  Digital Realty (DLR) is carrying that torch strong for you.  Your July is about to be on fire!

Passive Canadian Income – $601.21 – It’s okay it was less than last year.  Over $600 in dividend income is still insane.  Further, your Enbridge (ENB) is packing quite the punch.  Bravo!

Dividends Down Under – $82.76 – Have to love the jump from $0 to $83 in a year’s time!  Looking forward to seeing your progress next year, this time.

Reverse The Crush – $58.42 – A 76% is amazing.  At that rate, you’ll be over $100 next June, but I KNOW you will do better.  Can we say $200?  Reverse the Crush, RTC!

Passive Income Pursuit – $1,389.67 – Goodness…  4 digits PIP!  You crushed it, yet again.  Very impressive and you have a long list of payers to boot.  Jealous of your VF Corp (VFC) dividend, as I know it is literally paying you, “dividends”.  Inspiration for us to keep hustling and in time, the beauty happens!

Money Maaster – $1,155.63 – Another 4 digit income month, right after PIP above.  Your iShares really came in with a big hammer at over $600!  Additionally, you experienced a 19% increase.  You are mastering your money, no doubt.

Kody’s Dividends – $63.11 – Love seeing the screen print of the Robinhood App, that we did a thorough review on.  At least 13 dividend companies paying you, such as Smuckers (SJM) and Exxon Mobile (XOM), are pumping your portfolio up!  That has to be fun, trying to find out where to deploy the newly received cash!  Keep it up Kody.

Dividend Deluge – 347.20 (Euros) –  Deluge is right on track to meet the 2019 goal of receiving 1,825 Euros in passive income.  4 dividend increases, and an ABBV purchases, are going to do wonders for your dividend income in the second half of 2019.

Dividend and Hobbies – $839.59 –  Woah, just woah D&H.  That is some insane dividend growth right there.  That $200 dividend received from PEG is not a joke.   What’s crazy is seeing how DRIP and dividend increases resulted in you receiving an extra $15 from PEG this year compared to last.  That’s dividend investing at its finest.

All About the Dividends – $718.53-  Just like Vlad Guerrero Jr.,  this guy was just mashing dividends in June.   Dividends were flying in from sources, with three companies paying Matthew over $90.   Keep it moving Matthew, keep it moving.

Engineering Dividends –  $1,133.21 – Holy freaking cow.  A new dividend record for ED during the month of June.  That seems to be the theme for some many dividend growth investors out there.

Young Dividend – $1,749.19 –    YD has an impressive list of Dividend Aristocrats and dividend growth stocks that paid a dividend in June.  I’m sure almost anyone reading this article would love to receive a $250 quarterly dividend from JNJ!

Desi Dividend – $1,206 –  Portfolio reshuffling and lower capital gains distributions accounted for a decrease compared to last year.  STILL, even with the decrease, Desi absolutely crushed it in June.  We share a lot of common names on our listing Desi.

I Want Dividend – 425.87 (Euros) –  Okay, so your streak of record setting dividends ended.  But I guess a 91% year-over-year dividend growth rate is an excellent consolation prize!

Dividend Earner – $1,732 –  Earner is working through some changes to the “Earner Portfolio.”  Some low yielding stocks were exchanged for higher yielding companies to bolster reinvestment.   Further, those heavy investments in the banking sector were huge contributors to your dividend income this month.  Congrats on a strong month.

Dividend Snail – $344.91 –  Your 32.5% year-over-year growth rate is not snail like at all!  When reviewing your individual payments, there were some massive increases for holdings compared to last year.

Dividend Dream – 160 (Euros) –   This was a textbook dividend growth investment month for Dividend Dream.  Looking at each individual holding, you can see the impact dividend reinvestment and dividend increases had on the portfolio.

Dividend Quest – $693.05 –  Dividend Quest loves to fally JUST short of the next $100 increment.  This seems to be a recurring item for Quest.  The great news is that in the end, all that matters is that his dividend income continues to grow!

Broke Investor – $77.06 – I think the most impressive stat in this message is that your 38 Euro dividend covers half of your annual car insurance.  Now that is a fantastic insurance premium right there 🙂

Dividend Gremlin – $438.70 – Majority is from your taxable account and is accessible, today.  Further, a 14% dividend growth from last year is amazing.  Keep that up and freedom will be ringing, no doubt.

Dividend Cash Flow – $351.25 – A “decent” 28.5% growth from last year for DCF!  The name says it all, dividend cash flow.  At least 6 or so dividend aristocrats paying you, such as ConEd (ED), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM).  Great work DCF.

My Financial Shape – $1,175 – You own Porsche, which is very interesting!  I do not own any car manufacturer and would love to have a small piece to the portfolio, at the right valuation levels.  Congrats MFS, crushing it.

DivGro – $3,529 – 42 companies paid you!  Also, you have positions I’d like to have, such as Ford (F), Cummins (CMI) and Public Storage (PSA), to name a few.  Want to toss some my way?  Kidding, kidding.  Great motivation and inspiration, we appreciate it!

Stashing Dutchman – $261.14 – Another investor that owns Unllever (UN), I am noticing the trend.  Should I hope on the wagon?  Congrats on crossing $250 in income, stellar results SD!

Total:  38 Bloggers Received $41,160.41 in Dividends in June (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

This is ridiculous.  That’s an  average of $1,109.48 per blogger.  WOW!  Crossing 4 digits, per person, on average! Each month continues to show us the tremendous growth that each of you are making.   We each find unique ways to grow our passive income streams.  Some invest every extra penny into the market, while others use side hustles to increase their cash flow.  Further, there are other individuals that use apps, technology, and travel hacking to maximize the benefits of each purchase (See: Financial Freedom Products).    Let’s enjoy the ride everyone, continue to encourage and push each other, and make EVERY DOLLAR COUNT on our journey towards financial freedom.

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats


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    • PCI –

      Yes and you contributed by a huge fashion. PCI, I just wish I would have known this as a teenager. I hope the blogging community is able to reach the youngsters trying to find a better path, to reduce stress and do what they enjoy. Dividends can play a big factor, no doubt.


  1. What an amazing result from the community! I recently read an article from a writer of a Lithuanian investment magazine about how the financial independence is just a dream you will never achieve. I guess I should refer him to this post 🙂
    Thanks for gathering the list and including me as well!

    • BI –

      Yes, please send the writer this way! If it’s a dream, then we are the one’s turning that into a reality and will achieve the “unknown” or “impossible” feat, as some say. Can’t wait to show the naysayers!!!

      And of course, keep doing YOU!


  2. As always, thanks for including me on the list. It’s incredible to see such a strong average dividend income for this community simply for holding shares in great companies!

  3. What an awesome job from the entire community… and it sure seems like you are reporting a lot more four digit months this time around. Just further proof that dividend investing works over the long haul. Double digit months turn into triple digits and now we see more and more four digits and even a five digit month. Keep at it!

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