February Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is taking over. OPEC and Russia cannot agree on oil supply and, in effect, the prices are tumbling on the price per barrel of oil. Over the last month, stocks are down over 20%+ and we are now entering a bear market.

However, what really hasn’t slowed down? First, dividends.  Dividends continue to roll and pour in.  Second, this community.  The community continues to rally and support each other, as well as are still setting milestones, each and every month.

Here is the February 2020 installment of the Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers series.  Let’s stay positive and motivated!

Dividend Seedling – $45.59 – I think the only company I don’t own is Welltower (WELL).  Solid yield and great income.  You’ll be crossing $50 in no time, heck you’ll be receiving $50 from single companies in no time!

Dividends Down Under – $41.71 – Though this was provided by a special dividend, your year is turning out to be amazing, with incredible savings rates that allows you to invest more.  Cannot wait for your 2021 already!

My Dividend Dynasty – $676.35 – Though this is lower due to re-balancing, this dividend income is such a large amount.  Further, you’ll love Verizon’s (VZ) dividend in May, it’ll definitely jolt your dividend income results.  Lastly, you are investing heavily and I also picked up shares of United Parcel Services (UPS); hard to pass up a dividend stock opportunity!

Dividend Gremlin – $349.18 –   NOthing like receiving a nice, fat special dividend, right Gremlin?   Those 3 dividend increases and boatload of purchases will help push your dividend forward in the coming quarters!

Broke Investor – $35.86 –  5 great, great companies paid you a dividend this month Broke Investor.  What’s crazy is that each of us hold those same five companies in our portfolios.  Now that’s a solid foundation!

Passive Canadian Income – $339.65 –  This was an interesting month for PCI.  Two major dividend payers did not pay this year compared to last year.  Still, even with those two losses, you posted an impressive amount of dividend income! Also, you’re making some nice progress on your goals!

DGX Capital – $365.86 –  DGX’s dividend ETF portfolio delivered a very nice increase compared to 2019.   Make sure to thank ZDY for that larger than expected payment.

Divcome – $346.20 –   That 52% YOY increase is SWEET Divcome.  Those stock purchases, even though they were made before the market turned in February, are only going to help fuel similar growth rates in the future.  Keep investing and stay hungry!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $214.95 –  AFFJ said it best.  Despite the market madness and the wild swings, the dividends continue to roll in!

Dividend Income Stocks – $465.14 –  That $92 special dividend must have felt really nice to receive DIS, eh?  Who doesn’t love a great special dividend.  Even without it, you received a nice dividend haul this month!

Dividends and Hobbies – $509.98 –  T and ABBV led the charge for you this February, like so many other investors on this list!  Lastly, it was great to see your dividends grow for so many of your investments compared to last year.

Kody’s Dividend – $86.62 –  Kody continues to show strong growth in the “middle month” of the quarter.  A record was set in February and the three digit club is fresh on the mind for May.  Get after it Kody!

More Dividends – $89.21 –  A great month for More Dividends. AT&T and Omega Healthcare led the charge.  Looks like you’re closing in on the $100 mark as well, just like Kody.

Dividend Dozer – $95.32 – Almost $100 mark in February, very stellar.  In addition, Not one that is over 20%, which means the diversification is there. TXN and VZ are names I don’t own, but always watch.  Keep it up!

Young Dividend – $1,218 – ANOTHER $1,000+ month for you.  Financial Freedom, say what?  That AT&T (T) dividend takes the cake, representing approximately 25% of your total dividend income.  That reinvestment has to be incredible.  Congrats!

Investing Pursuits – $319.42 – WHOA!  This also represents a 40% dividend increase from prior year.  Very impressive. That Boston Pizza Royalties fluctuates, but at least continues to cash flow for you!  Keep that pursuit alive!

Reverse The Crush – $38.98 –  The press release format for your dividend income summary is an excellent touch RTC!  I hope your investors and the press loved sharing your 74% increase from last year.  That’s some growth to invest in right there!

Dividend Cashflow – 165.69 (Euro) – The blog’s name says it all.  It is all about establishing that dividend cash flow baby.  The growth in companies that paid you in 2020 compared to 2019 was a huge catalyst for your near 100% growth rate.

Desidividend – $445.76 –  ABBV, WRK, and GD were new dividend payers in February 2020 and helped you achieve a strong dividend growth rate.  All three of which are owned by Lanny.

Mr. Tako – $401.87 – Not the large months we usually see, but I know March totals for Mr. Tako will be epic.  In addition, we are praying for you and the family, that you stay healthy during the outbreak surrounding your area.  Also – nice pickups with Discover Financial (DFS)!

A Dividend Dream – 93 (Euro) –  Don’t worry, the decrease wasn’t a true “decrease.”  Rather, you received a HUGE dividend one month earlier.  The great news is that you’ll receive a nice bump in that month!

Dividend Growth Engine – 21.41 (Euros) –  Wow!  Congrats on earning that 134% year over year increase DGE.  Plus, all those February dividend increases are only going to help you out in the coming quarters.

Get Rich Brothers – $86.82 – Almost triple digit in an off month, so close!  However, you made some serious moves with the Coronavirus outbreak, picking up shares of Visa (V), Microsoft (MSFT) and Mastercard (MA).  Low yield but high dividend growth players.  Congrats!

Stashing Dutchman – $229.95 –  British Tobacco led the charge for this Dutchman.  However, there were still some other dividend heavyweights that paid you a dividend this month.

Time in the Market – $293.67 –  That 38.8% increase compared to last year was SWEET TITM.  I love how you also show the additional dividend income received via dividend reinvesting.  That extra ~$7 will be awesome next year!

All About the Dividends – $475.32 – Canadian Banks and ABBV delivered a wallop of a mount for Matthew in one of his “quieter” months.   That’s how you kick some butt right there!

Passive Income Pursuit – $367.88 – Some true heavy hitters paid JC a dividend this month.  It was interesting to see the stocks that paid via DRIP and the stocks that JC received cash for!

Engineering Dividends – $786.77 –  A 15.87% growth rate is excellent ED when you consider the starting point.  That’s a lot of new income.  With the PG reinvestment, I’m expecting that you will have two companies join the $100 dividend mark this month by the end of the year.

Financially Free in 10 Years – 102.20 (Euros) – Mr. Robot crossed an important threshold right there.  Now, he will receive over 100 Euro mark in the second quarter.  That’s how you continue pushing your income forward right there.

Dividend Growth Journey – $792.75 –  Holy special dividend right there. That extra $250 dividend income is a nice payday. Especially when it was a surprise.  Still, here is the best part.  Even without the special dividend, your dividend growth rate was insane.  Nicely done DGJ.

Tawcan – $1,939.33 – WHOA!  Almost $2k in an off month, collecting dividends from companies such as Procter Gamble (PG) & AT&T  (T), you know, just two of our TOP 5 FOUNDATION DIVIDEND STOCKS BABY!  The $400 in dividend income added to your forward income from dividend increases alone is incredible!  Amazing.

Dividend Earner – $2,662 – Simply crushed it!  You are on fire and that income is insane.  Definitely freedom worthy!

Mr. Free @ 33 – $1,059.46 – Crossing 4 digits in February, impressive Jason.  Another double digit increase, as you are higher by 14% vs. 2019.  Those smaller dividends, just as Hormel (HRL), will continue to grow and blossom, each and every quarter/year.

Chickenwizard DivBlog – $874.83 – Two dividend payers over $100 – Omega Health (OHI) and AT&T (T) – incredible.  $1,000 is next for you!

My Financial Shape – $348 – Nice job and getting close to $500.  During times like these, British Tobacco (BTI) should be a great stock to own.

Passive Income Vortex – $359.32 – The increase primarily came from the CVS (CVS) stock you own, versus last year. I am hoping they get back to dividend increases at some point.

Dividend Portfolio – $7.49 – Almost double digits baby!  I see 5 dividend aristocrats in your batch, such as AT&T (T), Realty Income (O), Hormel (HRL), AbbVie (ABBV) and Procter Gamble (PG).

Capturando Dividendos – $814.72 – Simon Property (SPG) coming in hot with over $100+ in dividends!  Further, you have quite a few telecom giants, with Verizon (VZ) and AT&T (T).  Almost to $1k, you’ll get there next time.

Dividend Driven – $779.60 – Another, almost $1k month!  Love the simple and clean layout to the website.  Keep driving home those divvies, double D!

Money Maaster – $438.07 – Looks like you are setting the stage to never drop below $500 in a month!  In addition, your projected income is almost at $12,000 or the ILLUSTRIOUS $1k per month going forward!  Can’t wait for you to cross it.

Dividend Quest – $758.66 – 16 companies are earning income and sending YOU dividends, DQ!  Impressive. I know you said it’s not great, but I know many of us here think this total is INCREDIBLE.  Furthermore, you aren’t heavily concentrated into one stock/investment.  Keep it up!

Total:  41 Bloggers Received $19,542.59 in Dividends in February (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

The community averaged $476 in dividend income this month!  You have persevered through February and I know March has been as turbulent as ever.  Stay strong and consistent out there!  Each person is doing this the right way and pushing themselves towards financial freedom, one dividend income at a time.  Man, you inspire the two of us every single day, one article and one dividend at a time.  We can’t thank you enough for this inspiration.

Where do we go from here?  That’s easy.  Let’s keep pushing to make EVERY DOLLAR ALWAYS COUNT.  We are almost through March and we must persevere through the irrational behavior from investors, throughout the Coronavirus downturn.  Keep in mind, there’s always room to improve your savings, in order to invest.  Take a look at your budget to find a way to make your financial position better.

If you’re short on ways to accomplish this…don’t worry, we have you covered.  If you’re looking to reduce expenses, find some new ways to save using one (or all) of Lanny’s 5 ways to save $500 TODAY.  Want to turn receipts into cash or earn stock with each purchase, look at the various apps on our financial freedom products page.

Now, take those savings and find undervalued, dividend stocks to invest in.  Keep that dividend income stream growing. If you’re just looking to casually see what stocks we own, we openly share our full portfolios.

Stay focused, hungry and consistent out there.

Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

36 thoughts on “February Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. That’s awesome to see this income come in every month. It certainly makes this bear market easier to stomach knowing this income is coming in and getting reinvested. Here’s hoping to a great March and some safe havens ahead. Hopefully we don’t get too many dividend cuts in the future!

  2. Dang everyone is still bringing in the DIVIDENDS! Way to stay the course & positive during this bear market! Not sure when or where the bottom will be, but have been buying this thing on the way down. At record cash deployment already for a month and it’s only halfway through March. Great stuff and thank u guys for putting this post together, the inspiration is REAL – this community can make it through this!


    • Divcome,

      Yep. Unfortunately, we can’t predict when things will bottom. If we could, we’d be retired sitting on a beach by now. As long as you focus on high quality, dividend paying stocks with great histories of increasing dividends,I think you’ll be fine.

      This community is going to come out of here on FIRE. What a freaking insane month this has been.


  3. Thanks for including me guys, it’s much appreciated! I can’t wait for this to come out each month
    What a great month from everyone and March is going to be even better. No matter how the markets are doing, you still get the dividends! There are some great deals brewing out there.

    • Of course John! We’re glad you have been such a great contributor to the community and are happy you get excited for the article! I think you captured the essence of why we dividend investing right there.


  4. Thanks for putting this together and including me in it! It’s great to see that the dividends continue to come in for us, even in the midst of a turbulent market!

  5. Dividends are a lagging indicator. It’s too early to draw any conclusions about the impact of the virus on dividend paying stocks. Companies getting killed in the market may well decide to have a moratorium on dividends if profits decline. But it will all become clear in a few months, hopefully things will normalize quickly.

    • Steve – For sure. There will be some slowing dividend growth for sure and as you said, some moratoriums and even dividend cuts. That’s why we focus on companies that pay a quality dividend that have done it through various economic cycles (the best we can). Each downturn is unique and will present different challenges and stresses to a companies balance sheet and dividend. To your point, it will take some time to see how this one shakes out. But lets continue focusing on quality, quality, quality.


  6. Congrats to everyone! Another month with a great result. It’s always fun to read other journeys. There is always something you can pick up and learn.

  7. Impressive progress from everyone involved! Almost $20K is a nice chunk of change.
    I’m always glad to be contributing to the totals. Thanks Lanny & Bert.
    I have big expectations for March dividends within the DGI community… let’s bring it home.

  8. I appreciate you including me on this list. It is great to see everyone doing so well. It is awesome to see such a diverse range of stocks where we are all getting our dividend income from. I look forward to seeing how everyone does next month! Let’s all keep up the good work!!!

  9. Thanks again for including me and keeping up with this list. It’s always great to see how we’re all doing as a whole. A nearly $500 average is amazing. March is going to be a big month for us and I’m sure everyone else as well. I’ve been investing a decent amount into this decline although of course I wish I hadn’t spent some of that cash early in the decline. There’s no telling what the markets will do next but for now I’m enjoying getting to add some beaten up names to my portfolio and some of the growthier names that now trade at much better valuations. ADP with that 3.25% yield is looking pretty good here. Same with PAYX and their 4.77% yield. What’s really crazy is that the current yield on my portfolio went from ~2.8% or so up to ~4.2% during this fall. That’s a big ouch for the portfolio value. As long as those dividends stay in tact I’ll be good though.

    • Of course JC! We wouldn’t publish one of these posts without you. I’m with you. I invested a lot towards the end of February/early March. The facts and circumstances around this changed so quickly. My approach has definitely changed and I’m making my investment amounts a lot smaller, as these daily swings take off. The point now, I think, is to focus on quality dividend growth stocks. ADP is very interesting, as their industry and service will not be impacted in the long run. The major risk I see is if a lot of business close that are using their service.

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment.


  10. Thanks as always for the inclusion and I always love reading how the community is doing. As you know, I’ve restarted my portfolio, but have also restarted my contributions at a minimum of $100 per month. I’m sure that will grow over time.

    These are difficult times we live in, but I hope we all come out on top.

    Stay safe.

  11. Cool to see a list this long with people enjoying dividend payments. I was too late with posting my own update as I was fascinated by the market. Hope to be listed next month again 🙂

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