February Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Despite the fact that February is the coldest for many of us Midwesterners and Canadians, the dividends came in HOT!  In February, the stock market continued its impressive hot streak, leaving us with many stocks with high valuations and shorter, and shorter, dividend stock watch lists.   With the month well behind us and the articles released by the community, it is time for our favorite monthly post!  We try to summarize the growth and progress towards FIRE for as many individuals as possible.   Here is the February installment of our dividend income from YOU the bloggers series!

Dividend Quest –  $909.44 – Let’s start this article off with a bang right here!  Dividend Quest almost joined the four-figure club in February.  A few dividend cuts had a negative impact for Quest, but that didn’t stop Quest from posting a great month!

Dividend Portfolio – $141.16 –  DP’s dividend income continues to grow at an excellent rate.  I’m pretty sure the two of us own all of the stocks that you received dividend’s from this month.  Great minds think alike.

Dividend Seedling – $37.75 – The seeds have been planted and the tree is starting to grow.  Seedling’s dividend income increased 63.6% from last year.

Seeking The Dividends – $178.07 – Despite the year-over-year decrease due to timing differences, STD still posted strong results!  That is an excellent foundation of dividend stocks being built.

Dividend Deluge – 252 Euros – Holy Omega!  Deluge’s strong month was lead by Omega Healthcare.  But don’t let that discount the other dividends received From AT&T, Apple, AbbVie, Realty Income, and a P2P item.

Passive Canadian Income – $350.69 – 30% increase, over $131 added from increases, you, my friend, are on a ROLL!  Love that BMO divvy going up YoY!  Keep at it PCI!

Dividend Swan – $222.89 – So many companies… crossing over $200 in February is a great milestone.  Crushing it.  Congrats Swan and keep swimming!

Desidividend – $298.97 – So close to $300, agh!  Also, a 20% increase is solid.  The AT&T (T) had a nice jump, and you have to love that yield.

Young Dividend – $907.40 – Nearing $1,000 – go get it YD!  You Got this!  That’s a massive Procter (PG) position you have, one of the foundation stocks that we love over here!

Dividend Guy Blog – $270.84 – Nice work, per usual.  No sweat on the special divvy, just keep pushing forward and your March is about to be killer.  Invest when you have cash and capital and keep making fricken moves.  GET IT SON!

Dividends Down Under – $7.69 – Hey, your off months – dividend is rolling in and that’s what matters.  Keep the engine moving.

My Dividend Dynasty – $918.64 – On the verge of crossing $1,000 MDD!   That is a lot of dividend income to receive from only 7 companies, a crazy average of $131.26 per company.

Snug Fortune – $102.70 – Year over year growth of 62% SF.  You are on a TEAR so far in 2019.  First a 288% YOY increase in January and now this.  Looks like the best is yet to come in 2019.

Reverse the Crush – $22.37 –  Our comment about your article is actually going to be a quote from your article, because it demonstrates your growth perfectly: “I’ve already received $16.86 more than I did during the entire year of 2017. It also won’t be too long before I’m reporting that I’ve surpassed 2018.”  Great job RTC!

Data Science’s Financial Independence – $173.07 – Boom.  Dividends were received from only 3 companies this month.  A short list that is simple and straight to the point.   Excellent work DSFI!

Dividend Earner – $1,766 – Wow Dividend Earner, just wow.  That is an incredible dividend haul in February.  Looks like your switch to a dividend growth portfolio is finally starting to pay off.

I Want Dividend – 126.17 Euros –   Did we count that correctly in your article….you received 10 dividend increases during the month?  No wonder you continue to post ridiculous dividend growth rates!

My Road to Wealth and Freedom – $898 – That 170% increase from last year is incredible!  What is fun to read in this report is that dividend income represents such a small portion of MRWF’s total passive income totals for the month!

Investing Pursuits – $228.47 –  Just a slight decrease compared to last year.  But overall, still a great month of dividends received IP!

Money Maaster –  $307.78 – Our favorite two words.  Record Month!  Jordan absolutely destroyed February.  In addition to investing activities, Jordan had a lot of fun life activities as well!

All About the Dividends – $455.70 –  Those new dividends from Abbvie and Interpipeline were huge contributors to your growth this month.  Things are moving along great for you Matthew and you continue to post awesome results.

Dividend Income Stocks – $322.75 –  Like us, German loves sitting down with a cup of Joe and reviewing the dividend income received for the month.  Surely that 36% year-over-year increase made that cup of coffee taste THAT much better.

Dividend Meter – $691.14 – No joke, crushing February like it’s a hot pizza out of the box.  Averaging over $80 in dividends per payer this month and he was active in trying to increase his forward dividend income.  Keep the meter running.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $354.12 – That Kinder Morgan (KMI) dividend is growing, that’s for sure!  I hope that General Mills (GIS) dividend stays strong and solid for ya.  Almost to $500, keep trucking along.

Buy Hold Long – $25.75 – The passive income faucet continues to flow for BHL –  Excellent job receiving dividends, ad revenues, and other sources of income!

Broke Investor – $19.88 –  Look at that BI.  A HUGE 47.81% dividend increase compared to last year.  Looks like that new Starbucks position really provided a jolt of caffeine into your monthly total.

Dividend Daze – $171.45 –  Here is a recipe for over doubling your dividend compared to last year:  double your T position, add to ABBV, and have HCP pay in February this year compared to March last year.  Daze came out swinging with the heavy hitters in 2019!

Tawcan – $1,695.76 – WHOA!  Hold the breaks here, insane!  The amounts you are bringing in, leaves us speechless.  Bravo Tawcan!  With that income, I’d be financially free, agh, so amazing. You love your Canadian Banks I see, with Bank of Montreal (BMO), National Bank and Royal Bank (RY).  Keep inspiring Tawcan.

My Dividend Pipeline – $1,052.10 – Another team member crossing 4 digits in February, congrats M D P!  Further, you have quite a bit coming from your Vanguard Bond Fund ETF (VBMFX), as I see you balancing it out.  For those that want to know more about Vanguard, we wrote about them here.

Div Hut – $884.77 – A massive 34%+ growth from prior year is incredible, that is a lot of work, increases, capital, you name it.  You had quite the punch from AbbVie, Inc. (ABBV) – congratulations.  Keep it up DH, as always.

Dividend Hawk – $1,002.97 – Another 4 digit banger in February.  Of course we share Kinder Morgan (KMI), AT&T (T) and CVS (CVS) to name a few.  However, you have an impressive list of monthly payers, which has to feel nice to see that cash flow each and every month.

Mr. Free @ 33 – $942.82 – Again, the scroll of the page is insane!  You have a lot of high quality businesses that I haven’t had the opportunity to find the right price, such as Texas Instruments (TXN) and Air Products Chemical (APD).  Keep inspiring and growing that freedom fund!

Divvy Dad – $547.47 – A solid month Divvy D!  I know it’s been quiet, but your growth has been amazing from prior year.  Apple (AAPL) is higher and that looks like it’s reinvestment and dividend increases alone.  Further your Abbott (ABT) looks to be doing the same.  Further, 9 dividend increases are incredible – if only we could have at least that much, each month, eh?

Dividend Snail – $254.71 –  Another investor that received a new dividend from ABBV in 2019 compared to 2018.  The company continues to remain popular in the dividend investing community and lead the charge for insane dividend growth rates.

Diligent Dividend – $682.24 – Before some massive portfolio changes, Diligent had the chance to crush it once again in February with a solid, solid dividend income total!

Dividend Vet – $270.78 –  KMI, T, PG, O, and Starbucks are names that we share in common with you Vet.  It is great to see that we share so many great investments that contributed to your successful February.

Passive Income Vortex – $318.08 –  The telecom sector crushed it for Passive Income Vortex this month.  Those dividends received by AT&T and Verizon were just insane.  On top of it, nice dividend increases from AXP and ABT.

Little Dividends – $99.50 – Man, oh so close to cracking the $100 mark in February.  You should get there in May due to dividend re-investment alone!

Fiscal Voyage – $643.11 –  Felix’s strong start to 2019 continues, as he has posted GREAT year-over-year increases in January February.  That’s how you set the right tone for 2019 our friend!

Tall Investing – $430.90 – TI had 15 companies pay a very nice sum of money during the month.  Love the nice, fat, round $100 payment from AT&T as well.

Dividend Gremlin – $286.21 –  Gremlin’s house party continues to strike!   The dividend increases continue to make a difference each month and it is a lot of fun watching Gremlin’s dividends grow.

Dividend Rider – $198.54 – Love the chart format to summarize dividend income.  That was a lot of dividend income received from just a few positions.  Keep at it Rider!

Get Rich Brothers – $54.41 –  Ryan has a set of plane tickets and a hotel reservation for Omaha in hand for a certain company’s shareholder meeting.  The $54.41 of dividends received this month may not have covered the cost, but I’m sure it made a dent in the price.

Kody’s Dividend – $43.09 – Kody, Kody, Kody.  Getting us excited for baseball season in the post (and unfortunately, we are watching the NBA playoffs from the sidelines here in Ohio after four great years).  Regardless, excellent dividend month!

Engineering Dividends – $679.04  –  Back to back months of achieving 30% YOY growth rate.  Heck yeah ED!  What’s cool is that you received dividend from 15 companies this month and all but one of the companies paid a dividend that was greater than $20.

Dividend Dozer – $83.57 –  A very solid increase compared to February last year for Dozer.  Like so many others, the name ABBV sticks out in your sea of dividends received during the month.

Total:  46 Bloggers Received $20,396.91 in Dividends in February (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

Folks, incredible, just freaking incredible.  That is an average of $445.69 per blogger this month.  All of that in an “off” month during the year.  We’ve been putting this article together for several years now and are continued to be blow away by the hustle, grind, grit, and hard work of this community.  Seriously, you all inspire us to keep saving every dollar and investing everything we can to reach financial freedom as soon as possible.  Let’s end this the same way we have ended every month over the years.  All, let’s continue to make EVERY DOLLAR COUNT and continue to crush it.  We have 10 months to go in 2019. Let’s get after it!!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

36 thoughts on “February Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Great work everyone and thanks for including me again! Proud to be part of this amazing community. Over 20 000 $ in a month is a HUGE amount of money!

    There is also a tiny mistake in numbers. I actually earned 252 € in February, not 357 €.

    • Sorry about the mistake Deluge. That was my fault! I took your 2019 number instead of your February 2019 number. I’ll update that in the article.

      This community is awesome and it has been a blessing being a part of it!


  2. Awesome stuff everyone. While I am on the lower end of the scale, I still really appreciate the share of my dividend income. The next two months should be a lot better 🙂

    • BHL – Thanks! The volume of dividends received never matters, that’s not the point. It is about the growth, the story, and the fact that you re taking steps forward as opposed to steps backwards on your journey towards financial freedom. Can’t wait to see your next two months!


  3. Well, despite how long you guys have been putting together these posts, it still remains inspiring to see the DGI community continue to post incredible results and continue to push forward towards their goals of reaching financial independence. Whether the dividend amount is small, medium or large, the snowball continues to grow! No wonder this is one of my favorite posts in the month to look forward to.

    • DP,

      Thank you so much. Inspiring is a great way to phrase it! The community will always continue to surprise and inspire us. The dividend snowball is my personal favorite analogy and I love the image of the snowball rolling down hill growing/gathering speed.


    • MDD – Excellent job indeed for everyone. We’re happy to include you and fortunate to have gotten to know you over the years. If we are cracking $20k in February, imagine what we are going to do in March??


  4. As always, the results continue to amaze me. $20K is a serious amount of money for the community to earn in a passive manner for the community. Thanks for including me in the results and for compiling this series each and every month. It’s a privilege to be included and to read everyone’s progress.

  5. Hey Div Diplomats – I can tell you that February is definitely a hot month here in Australia! Some of that warm weather has continued through March as well…

    We tend to get our dividends twice a year, and March / April is one of those times – I’m looking forward to some Fantastic Fully Franked Dividends from our Fund over the next month! Somewhat jealous to see how much other international investors earn in dividends, but I don’t mind receiving mine in 2 big chunks during the year 🙂

    Cheers, Frankie

    • Frankie,

      We’re very jealous of the warm weather. That’s for sure. Feel free to take as much of the cold weather from us as you would like haha I know Australia has different payouts, like you said. So these next two months are your primary/HUGE months. Now this should be a lot of fun.


  6. “46 Bloggers Received $20,501.91 in Dividends in February”
    Interesting. That’s nearly the same like this one:
    “Dividend income in February amounted to 23,594 USD.”
    Although the bloggers we trace are not exactly the same (more international).

  7. Hey guys,

    Thanks for including me!

    Definitely awesome to see what’s become of the community. I remember back when I first started blogging about this stuff in 2011, nobody was doing any of this. It’s just amazing to see so many people chasing after their dreams now. 🙂

    Let’s all keep it up!

    Best regards.

    • Jason –

      Of course, wouldn’t be a list without you! I know, the community is HUGE and it’s amazing to see the growth from everyone’s portfolio – especially yours. You know the hard work you put in to get to where you are now, just incredible.


  8. Thanks again for including my numbers, guys.
    A lot of bloggers on the verge of crossing into four figure territory; impressive and inspiring!
    Looking forward to seeing how March plays out.

    Take care,

  9. Hey there, greetings from Indonesia.

    I have followed your blog about four months now via rss feed, and very late to post comment today.
    I would like to say many thanks to both of you guys because I can learn much from your post here. I am still in university now, 23 years old. And, about three months ago start investing in stocks. Before that, I am about three years investing in funds and it worth it.

    Currently pursuing my dividens chasing.

    Haha. Is that any grammatical errors in this comment?


    • Very nice!

      Congratulations and glad you have started. That’s the best thing you can do, start. Then, keep staying consistent and on top of it. Push yourself to see how far you can go. Your grammar is just fine, I can understand and read it! Pleasure having you be a part of this community!


    • Desi –

      No problem. The love is real. WE continue to motivate, talk and showcase things that we all aren’t seeing just by ourselves. Banding together to share thoughts, beliefs and experiences have been more than insanely helpful. Love it.


    • Daze –

      Of course. 28 days, lighter month in general, but still strong from the stats above. Let the income and good times keep flowing, oh and we need to keep grinding, saving and investing, per usual.


    • Engineering –

      I would say so. February being one of the lowest performing month is proving us all wrong. Heck, at one point I received $2.03 in a February month and now I am inching closer and closer to $1,000? Unreal.


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