Bert’s October Dividend Income Summary

The calendar has flipped once again.  You know what time that is…..time to summarize our monthly dividend income totals!  To me, nothing is better than compiled your results for the month and seeing the growth realized in a short 12 month period.   October came and went with a blink of an eye and it still blows my mind that 2018 is on the horizon.   Before I start looking too far ahead, let’s take a look and review my October divided income totals.

dividend income

October dividend income summary

In October, I received $178.21 in dividend income.  This represents a 20.15% increase compared to September 2016 and a 9.83% increase if you exclude the impact of my wife’s dividend income.   For those of you that are new followers, this is the first year that I have reported my wife’s dividend income in my monthly dividend income reports.  So to provide a true apple to apples comparison to the figures I reported last year, I also report my growth rate without her.  The chart below provides a detailed breakdown of the companies that paid me a dividend this month:

Here are some highlights and observations from this month:

  • I LOVED receiving the increased from dividend from Canadian Imperial this month.   If you recall, I added to my position in CM towards the end of September and was able to purchase the additional shares a few days before the ex-dividend date.  It is always nice when you can pull that one off.  Unfortunately I was not able to do that with my purchase the other day, which Lanny and I will tell you all about soon.
  • Similarly, the dividend I received from Cardinal Health this month increased due to the additional shares I purchased earlier in 2017.  What’s crazy is that I included CAH on my October dividend stock watch list and the company’s stock price continues to slide.  If the fall continues, I may just have to continue lowering my cost basis in this Dividend Aristocrat.
  • I was once again bit by the constantly shifting Kraft-Heinz dividend payment in 2016.  I swear I have had to include this variance in almost every monthly dividend income summary!  Hopefully they do not change the month they pay a dividend next year!
  • Outside of those companies, my dividend increases were from the two best parts of dividend re-investing.  Dividend increases and the good old fashioned power of dividend re-investing.

POrtfolio Updates during the month

October was actually a quiet month when it came to stock purchases…until the end.  I purchased one stock this month…..but I’m going to keep you in suspense about that stock.  We are building a purchase article for this investment and I’m sure all of you will not be that shocked by the selection.  But for now, I’m going to keep you waiting.  Feel free to try to guess which stock it was though 🙂

In terms of dividend increases, I received dividend increases from two companies.  As discussed in my monthly article summarizing dividend increases for Dividend Aristocrats and some companies each month, both AEP and AFL increased their dividend ~5% in October.  My positions in these companies are not that large, so the two increases only added $5.60 to my forward dividend income.  But hey, every dollar counts after all, right?


This month’s 20% increase did not pack the same excitement as last month’s 97% increase, but I’m very happy with the results given this was an “off” month of dividend income.   The increases I am realizing each month continue to out-pace the increase in wages I receive from my employer.  Seeing double-digit increases, along with some of the crazy results posted by other bloggers in the dividend growth community on a monthly basis, continue to motivate me to push the limits and invest as much as I can as early as possible.   So all, let’s get after it and make some great things happen!

How were your results in October?  Did you set a new personal record?  Did any new companies pay you a dividend for the first time?  What companies increased their dividend during the month?


41 thoughts on “Bert’s October Dividend Income Summary

  1. All numbers greater as last year. I would say everything goes in the right direction, right? Keep going and next year will be even better!

    Myself I had an -9% decrease YoY because of taxes and EUR -> USD rate not as “good” as last year. Good part with the stronger EUR? I can by more USD stocks for less 🙂 … I would say good and bad are always somehow in relation, aren’t they?

    CU Ingo.

    • Thanks Ingo. I hope you are right about next year being better haha

      Congrats on the great increase yourself as well. Getting more for your dollar is always a great thing haha there usually is a good and a bad thing about all situations!

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. Nicely done Bert. Double-digit increases and positive numbers all around. Plus I really liked the fact that you got paid from so many companies. Really looking forward to seeing which stock you ended up purchasing.

  3. Great month! Your wife is doing well too! I like that you compared the YoY, I haven’t been doing that- I should have a look at that for my own monthly checks.

    • Gremlin,

      Thank you very much my man. Isn’t it awesome seeing a bump in a position you already own. O is one of those companies that I know I should add to one of these days. My monthly dividend is below $10 now, but man would I love to receive above $20 per month from the company.

      Take care,


  4. Hey Bert,

    congrats on that 20% year over year increase! that’s something to build on, especially in an off-month like October. The total of 178$ is great too. – My dividend income for October came in as 90$.

    Curious what stock you purchased – my October has been pretty busy and after my recent buy of Royal Dutch Shell i went shopping and purchased some more shares of another company. The blog post will be out soon;-)

    Greets from Germany,

    • Dividend Solutions,

      Thank you very much! Very kind of you You’ll see soon enough which stock we purchased haha You’re right, we are all building quite the foundation here and great things are coming down the pipeline. It is time to keep pushing and building on our successes.

      Take care,


  5. Hi Bert,
    Congrats on a great month! Even if we only consider increase without your wife’s contribution – it’s impressive. I don’t know what I should do to get such a raise from my employer 😀
    I personally received dividends from one new company in my portfolio in October – CSCO. Now I have at least two companies paying each month 🙂
    P.S. I guess you purchased some T stocks this month! Can’t wait for the article to find out the answer!

    • BI,

      Thank you very much. I’m excited to see our progress and it is always nice to see our passive income stream increase/push forward. I saw that nice CSCO addition you had this month and it provided a huge bump/jolt to your income.

      Take care,


  6. Hey Bert,

    nice October dividend income! I really like your year over year increase. We all know where a sustainable 10% or even 20% yearly increases will lead your dividend income over a decade or more. Just keep adding!


    • DivRider,

      Thank you very much. You aren’t kidding. A 10% annual increase will take your portfolio a long way and show some major growth over the years. That would be fun to show/highlight one day. Thanks for the great comment.

      Take care,


  7. Hey Bert, I see you had the same YoY increase as me (9%-10% – excluding the wife). You are right, this is more than ‘acceptable’. Any growth is good growth when it comes to increasing dividends payments! Let’s finish the year strong.

    • MDD,

      Thank you very much. I’m excited for you to see the results as well. Year 2 is a lot of fun and you are going to be amazed with how much your portfolio has grown in a short 12 months.

      Take care,


  8. Well done, solid increase since last year. Been thinking about CM too, they seem the most undervalued right now of the big Canadian banks, I think largely due to their residential exposure vs the others.

    • Mr SLM,

      Thank you, thank you very much. I have noticed they have the large exposure to residential real estate. What are your thoughts about their recent acquisition that closed and their new presence in the US?


  9. Hey Bert,

    Nice job! 20% YoY growth is great, even if you don’t find it as exciting as 97%. Think about it this way, if you got a 20% salary increase at work you’d be ecstatic! Keep it up and hope you have a strong November.


  10. Looks like you are still making some good progress year over year which means you are headed in the right direction. GSK is a name that looks interesting to me. I’m not so sure about its dividend but I do like the space they operate in and the fact they have a consumer division. Kind of like JNJ. Congrats on hitting it with CM too. That’s another Canadian bank on my radar. In all, solid results from solid companies. Keep up the good work.

    • Divhut,

      GSK has been the laggard of my portfolio. But man do I love their dividend yield and their diversified holdings (as you suggested). They own an impressive portfolio and it was one of the things that attracted me to them in the first place. Let us know if you are going to add to CM over one of the other companies on your considerations list.



  11. Still a great month even in an off month. 20% growth is still pretty big. I like that position with CAH. I would love to add more at these levels. Nice to also start seeing monthly payments of O. That gives you a nice boost every month. Keep up the good work.

  12. That’s a nice increase, even if it didn’t meet the increase from the previous month. I’m guessing that you might have purchased some T or OHI. I own them both, and they both tanked a bit during October. To bad their next ex-dividends have passed.

    • Chris,

      Thanks. OHI is not the stock. It is interesting that their price has fallen so much over the last few weeks and the yield is looking very nice at the moment. Looks like you will enjoy that DRIP at these lower prices 🙂


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