Bert’s February Dividend Income Summary

Wow.  February was a blur for so many different reasons.  With a blink of an eye, we find ourselves entering the third month of the year.   While personally, things many have been fuzzy, our dividend income continues to roll in, along with the dividend increases.  I swear, there was a new dividend increase announced every day in February!  Lanny has kicked off our blog’s dividend income summaries and it will be tough to follow his $628 act.  But I’ll give it a shot.  Here is my February dividend income summary!

dividend income

Bert’s February Dividend Income Summary

This month, I received $460.38  in dividend income, a 76.64% increase compared to last year!  Once again, I fell short of Lanny; but I am pretty darn excited with the results!  Below is a table the providing each dividend received:

Here are some quick thoughts and analysis:

  • No, I didn’t purchase more shares of CZNC, one of our favorite community bank stocks owned.  Rather, the company announced a special dividend in January that was paid in February.  Of course I would prefer a larger dividend increase than a one-time special dividend.  But I’ll never complain about receiving a special dividend!
  • Compared to last year, WRK and ABBV were new dividends received.  I started purchasing WRK in Q3/Q4 2018 and Q4 2018/Q1 2019 for ABBV.  In fact, ABBV was my last stock purchase and this purchase was made after the ex-dividend date.  The dividend in the table about does not even represent my full position in the healthcare company.
  • HCP’s large increase was due to a timing difference.  In 2018, the company paid their dividend in March.  This is a timing difference and I received the benefit this month.  In March, it will negatively impact my year-over-year dividend growth rate.
  • The additional purchases of PG, T, SBUX, and O made throughout 2018 really bolstered the dividend income totals compared to last year.
  • What’s incredible is that this chart shows the strong dividend growth rate in 2018.  Look at the increases from KMI, CAT, and NWFL.  Those dividend increases were solely due to dividend increases announced by the companies in 2018.  Of course, I wrote about how dividend growth is slowing and we may not see this bump at the same time next year.  In 2018 though, it added quite the punch!

Bert’s February Portfolio News and purchases

In this section, I’ll review two different ways that my forward dividend income increased during the month: dividend increases and investment activity.   In the first table I will review dividend increases.

Told you there were a lot of dividend increases this month.  All of these were discussed in my monthly Expected Dividend Income Article except for the Canadian Imperial.  Why did they have to announce after the article was released?!  The dividend increases were nice.  None blew my socks off and I didn’t have the surprise 32% dividend increase (like Home Depot shareholders would have).  What’s really frustrating is the Kraft dividend cut.  It is the sole reason I am showing a net decrease in dividend income for the period.  It sucks!  Owning over 60 shares of the consumer giant, that dividend cut hurt.    It is in the past now, and there is nothing we can do besides learn from it and apply that lesson to future stock purchases.

This chart shows the increases due to purchases, 401k, and HSA contributions.  I mentioned this was a frustrating month and my only purchases this month were made in retirement accounts.  Still, we were fortunate enough to add $75 in dividend income this way.  There has been one purchase so far in March, so I snapped this my individual stock purchase dry spell.  I’m looking to get things rolling again in March and the rest of 2019.


The shortest month of the year is done….good riddance.  New and exciting things are on the horizon.  Spring training has started, the weather is kind of getting warm, and my wife and I are having a blast setting things up for the spring.  I’m ready to roll and am entering March with a completely different mindset.  10 more months to go this year, let’s make EVERY DOLLAR COUNT and take care of business the rest of the year.  Each month, each purchase, each dollar saved, gets us THAT much closer to financial freedom.

How were your months? What was your percent dividend increase? What dividend increases did you receive this month? Were you impacted by the Kraft dividend cut? Did Kraft’s dividend cuts outweigh your dividend increases?


28 thoughts on “Bert’s February Dividend Income Summary

  1. Very nice month Bert! I can see that CZNC and T are paying big time to you 🙂 Amazing growth compared to last year as well, especially considering that the amount last year was already so big.
    I received one dividend raise this month – from CSCO. At least I didn’t have KHC in my portfolio, even though it was on my watchlist last year and I almost ended up buying some shares of it 🙂

    • Thanks Broke Investor! That’s very kind of you. I guess it is fortunate that you didn’t buy shares of KHC prior to the cut and invested elsewhere. I’m excited to read your dividend summary as well.

  2. February might have been a short month, but you had a large increase from last year Bert. Regarding your question, I wasn’t impacted by Kraft’s dividend cut because I didn’t have that in my portfolio. That’s probably a good thing too because if I did, I probably would have looked into selling the stock. Congrats on a solid month!

  3. I had a very similar situation in February Bert. I had quite a few raises, some holding their dividend and one cut. The one cut reduced my forward dividend by -$0.47 after taking into account the increases. Oh well, can’t always win.

  4. $450+ looks like a great February to me! Especially with the dividend raises and huge YoY increase. Keep up the good work! With the heavy hitter month of March coming up I expect great things from all of us.

  5. Bert, congrats on that massive YOY increase! Great job! I’m sure it helps a lot to get over KHCs dividend reduction.
    Good to see we share 3 companies paying us this month.
    Best wishes.

  6. Great YOY good to see the ABBV dividend this was my first dividend from it. Dividend cuts always stink but that’s why we have a little diversification to help offset that. I had never bought any but I have other high debt companies which carry a chance but hopefully they don’t. Keep it up.

  7. Now that’s a solid double digit year over year gain. Keep stacking those dividends and enjoy those “special” ones whenever they come. As always it’s nice seeing quite a few names in common paying us for the month. Don’t blink… soon we’ll be posting March totals!

    • Thank you so much Keith. I love reading your post and others and seeing so many others hold these names. It is definitely re-assuring. No kidding as well, this month is flying by WAY too quickly.


  8. Wow! I’d expect to see 75%+ YOY growth for myself, but not for someone starting from that dividend base. Keep on rolling those dividends down that compounding hill!

    • Thank you! They are really starting to add up. I’m going to continue buying great companies that are undervalued and have paid/grew their dividend through both good and bad economic cycles. Then, I’l happily collect my dividends and reinvest them at a lower price. That’s how I will protect myself from a recession!


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