August Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

The weather is starting to cool, the leaves are changing slightly and we wish everyone to be safe with the natural disasters occurring.  We are still on the dividend stock purchase spree, so the heat has still been up on that front!  Another month down, means another month where the community has crushed it for dividend income.  Our inspiration to push ourselves to invest every dollar we can comes from ALL OF YOU in the blogging community.  Each month, we read your income summaries to see how hard you are working to grow your income and relentlessly pursue financial freedom.   For those of you that are new followers, each month, we gather as many dividend income summaries from the community to share the results with all of you.  Here is the August installment of the Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers series!

Dividend Meter  – $824.45 – Whoa!  First, you crossed $10k in forward income and you also produced $824.45 in August Dividends!  Further, 5 companies paid you over $100 each this month, which is a cool sight to see, keep it up!

Dividends & Hobbies – $545.16 – Sick.  Further, it’s cool how you break it down with visits to your favorite coffee shop and the massive amount you still have leftover.  So awesome.  Keep producing them divvies!  I think we have the same hobby.

Dividend Seedling – $32.51 – A measly 175% growth rate is no thang.  Gotta love the AT&T (T) dividend, one of our 5 foundation stocks.  Keep that growth rate up, it’ll be quite amazing!

Divvy Dad – $434.05 – 156% growth isn’t too bad.  JOKING!  You had quite the spread as well.  Looking forward to you crushing over $500 next year!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $228.97 – Still making moves!  Mortgage is declining and you are investing like crazy, with dividends rolling on in.  Each month is better!  Pumped to continue to watch that journey.

Engineering Dividends – $640.07 – Boom, month #9 in a row for over $500, nice job!  Also, that Procter Gamble (PG) is coming in really big for you, that’s a very well established position you have.  Feel free to toss some shares our way.

My Dividend Dynasty – $891.76 – Oh man, that is a lot of cash!  Bet you did not hesitate to open the door when the dividends were knocking.  Talk about the massive producers you have for the month, Sprague (SRLP), Omega (OHI) and AT&T (T) carried the weight.  Keep those results moving.

Money Maaster – $334.73 – Straight moving now!  A solid 10%+ dividend growth vs. last month and we see you are on the REIT game, which Bert also recently wrote about.  Congrats!

Dividend Guy Blog – $269.42 – Huge and well known names paid out and they provided some nice cash flow for you.  Have to tip your cap to the Starbucks (SBUX), all day.  That symbol is so iconic, I love it and received my first dividend from them as well (Lanny).  Keep on investing!

Wallet Squirrel – $26.28 – Cha-Ching!  What’s cool is that you have SO many sources of other income, and you let us know what your dividends did for you – which was an additional investment in Iron Mountain (IRM).  Keep it up!

Dividend Vet – $322.70 – Truly living up to the name!  Verizon (VZ) kept it consistent in their dividend increases at 2%.  That’ll give a nice jolt to your forward income from the.  Congrats DV, congrats.

DivHut – $806.18 – A month wouldn’t be the same, unless we had Div Hut mentioned!  Almost $1,000 in the month of August, with strong 20%+ growth figures.  Further, there are names that we all wish we had, such as APD, CLX, CL and WELL.  Solid portfolio and like we’ve said – September is here!

American Dividend Dream – $632.84 – Heck yes!  A monster month.  Curious on how the massive CVS position you are building will turn out.  One thing is for sure – October is about to look hilarious with their incredible dividend!  Hopefully after the Aetna merger, they can get back to dividend increases.

Little Dividend – $155.93 – What’s interesting here, there are so many names that I don’t have.   In fact, I don’t hold any of the stocks that paid you this month!  Congrats on the solid August, as well as the impressive 142% growth rate, yikes!

Dividend FIREman – $749.24 – The FIREhouse portfolio continues to pour out amazing returns.  What you have been able to do with your portfolio in such a small period of time is amazing FIREman.  This is such an inspiring article to read everyday and there are a lot of great figures and details within.

Dutch Independence – $89.92 –   Another great month by DI, catapulted by additional investments in stocks such as T and OHI and large dividend increases from other holdings.  DI is cruising towards receiving $100 per month in this “off month” and should hit this mark before we know it.

Kody’s Dividends – $41.19 –  Kody used our favorite phrase in this post…a new personal record.  All of these small purchases here and there are really starting to add up and make a difference.  Just keep on adding and growing your portfolio Kody and the personal records will continue.

Reverse the Crush –  $19.58 –  That’s right, RTC had a 326% YOY growth rate.  Year 2 of your journey continues to show great growth in your portfolio and dividend income totals.  That is how you set a strong foundation for financial freedom!

Financially Free in 10 Years – 43.69 Euros –  Mr. Robot continues to demonstrate great progress.  Some excellent growth has been made this year in dividends received and you are crushing your progress towards your goals.

Dividend Daze – $135.25 – Man oh man.  Your additions to your position in AT&T and the new position in ABBV really gave your August dividend total a boost!   It is also awesome that you are going to (or probably already have) surpassed your 2017 dividends received total and the third quarter isn’t even over.

Passive Income Pursuit – $300.34 – JC continues to deliver and it is great that you were able to eclipse the $300 mark this month.  What is even more exciting is that you received 5 dividend increases this month, adding $46 in forward dividend income to your forward income.  Boom!

Dividend Snail – $219.53 – Snail had a 28% increase compared to last year.  Interestingly though, there was only one new position in Snail’s portfolio (HRL).  The rest of the increase was due to good old fashioned dividend growth investing at its finest.

Pollies Dividend – $283.87 – Very nice and simple here for Pollies.  Five great dividend stocks that paid Pollies a boatload of dividends.  That 13% year-over-year increase is very nice as well.  Keep at it!

Mr. Free @ 33 – $1,014.90 – Rolling in the dividends J!  Congrats on the 4 digit August month and great increases along the way.  September is about to be amazing for you!

Young Dividend – $643.48 – That AT&T (T) drip you have at $190 is insane!  Picking up just about 6 new shares reach go around would be craziness!  And guess what – you’re making it happen.  Keep collecting the divs young one!

Drip Til Rich – $140.17 – Fun breakdown you have and I love the detail you provide on each investment & dividend received.  Congrats on seeing the growth in Apple (AAPL) over the years, you’ve benefited for sure!

Dividends Down Under – $7.10 – Hey, that’s $7.10 more than you had last year and is something fun to build off of.  Keep that savings rate high, as you have been this year!

Dividend Pig – $1,031.92 – Another one!  You are just killing it.  You may be in the trough, but you’re living up top with that amount of dividend income.  What’s wild is SO many dividend companies were paying you.  The average of just about $40 per company is insane.

Fiscal Voyage – $516.70 – Boom, crossing the $500 mark with over 45% of an increase from prior year.  You are on a voyage, a voyage to financial freedom.  Also – your Altria (MO) dividend is going to be sweet for you to receive, enjoy!

Tall Investing – $399 –  Man oh man.  One freaking dollar short of $400.  Time for a shameless plug that EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS??  All jokes aside.  Amazing month TI and those four dividend increases made a huge difference here.

Stashing Dutchman – $141.55 –  This was actually a BOGO article right here, as Stashing Dutchman also included the July results ($95.57).  Whether it was one month or two, the message comes through loud and clear.  SD continues to just CRUSH it!

Team CF –  339.10 Euros – Three years into blogging and the Cheesy Index continues to soar upwards.  Even though you technically had a decrease compared to last year, you’ll be better off after rebalancing your portfolio and making it stronger!

Diligent Dividend  – $267.20 –  Woah – a 138% year over year increase!  That’s what we’re taking about right there Diligent.  Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve for the rest of the year.

The Money Sprout – $433.86 – I see Omega (OHI) is adding quite the bang to your portfolio!  Nice job and keep sprouting those dividends.

Dividend Hawk – $1,087.92 – Good Lord Hawk, another $1,000 month, are you kidding me?  We are all taking notes here.  Keep doing YOU!

My Road to Wealth & Freedom – $778.92 – Nice job crossing the $775 mark, almost to 4 digits, LET’S GO!!  Keep traveling on that road.

Dividend Quest – $937.07 – It looks like the bottom part of this list is at, over or just under one thousand dollars.  I don’t know many names on your list, but I do recognize Omega (OHI); almost to $1K, I know you’ll crush it soon enough.

Dividend Gremlin – $281.30 –  The Gremlin continues to strike and posted a strong month of August.   A very solid 17% increase compared to last year.  Keep it up Gremlin!

38 Bloggers earned $16,047.85 in Dividends in August (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation

Who else is as excited and motivated as we are right now?  For another “off” month, the dividend community JUST CRUSHED it.  2018 has been a remarkable years for dividend investors and we continue to see a great trend.  All of you are putting in some serious, hard work by investing a ton of capital in the market.  All of this is happening while dividend growth rates continue to soar.   And guess what, you can see 38 examples of how this strategy is paying off.  Of course we would have loved to include everyone, so we are sorry if we didn’t get you this month.  If we missed you, tell us your income and growth rate in the comment section and please provide a link to your income summary!  We say it every month, but lets continue to make EVERY DOLLAR COUNT.

Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats 

44 thoughts on “August Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Thanks for including me again guys, appreciate it! And ofcourse a big thanks for compiling this monthly list, its awesome to see everyone’s progress as the months continue. A big congrats to all of us for grinding and crushing it!

  2. Wow, not only are there great numbers here but the YoY growth rates are extremely impressive as well! The DGI community is making great progress and it is an honor to be included, thanks for all of the effort to pull this together and share.

    Congrats to everyone on a great month!

  3. It was nice to see that 3 instead of the 2 in front of my August dividends and September should see my first comma month for my FI Portfolio which is fantastic. I even made 3 small purchases this month that helped to boost up my forward dividends. Things are finally starting to move in the right direction for us with one debt gone, one left but will be gone by November/December and a few small purchases to boot.

    Thanks again for compiling all of the reports together. I know I miss quite a few because work is just too busy. That’s awesome to see that the average among the 38 bloggers was over $420 for August. Crazy! And it will just keep getting better too.

    • JC,

      It was amazing seeing that 3. I’m pumped for you and congrats in advance on joining the comma club. Your progress is just awesome and it is a lot of fun watching you knock out debt and continue to buy stocks. Keep at it!


  4. Thanks for the mention and for putting everyone’s results together in one place! This time of the month is my favorite because we get to see the DGI strategy quite literally pay dividends.

    • Dynasty –

      Let’s build on this momentum. We can do this. I love writing it, Bert loves writing, we love this stuff. Gosh dammit, we love this stuff. COME ON – Let’s get to financial freedom ASAP!!!


  5. Personal records are being shattered left and right and it’s awesome! Thanks again you Diplomats for putting together the list, when everyone is always so busy you guys still come through every month so new people can see all these examples of the DGI strategy! Very motivational! Have a good weekend!


    • Dutch –

      Thanks for the comment my man! Of course, we enjoy putting this together. It’s always fun trying to see what stocks everyone owns, how much and what the consistent theme is. Obviously ATT, OHI and a few others take the cake this month. September… Aim… ready… GO.


  6. Thanks for the add gentleman, this is much appreciated! I Love reading these posts. You guys make it easy to compare where we all are in regards to achieving our FI goals. Keep up the amazing work.

  7. Our collective DGI community keeps rocking along. It sure seems like our totals are getting larger, especially for a month not known to be a big payer like those end of quarter months. Thanks for the DH mention and always love seeing how much we are growing together.

    • DH –

      Growing together. It doesn’t get more real than that comment, right there. We have all come so darn far, and I know we have the energy to keep this going. We all are getting there, it’ll be fun – once we find out what “there” is and what we do… “next”.


  8. I’m loving the total overview of the DGI community. It definitely shows how much everyone is growing and chugging along. It feels good to be up there with everyone else and I can’t wait to be one of those bloggers crushing the 1k per month! I’ll be joining you guys in the next couple of years. As always, thank you for the shout out.

    • Diligent –

      It is amazing HOW MANY pepole are over $1,000 in … AUGUST?! Who would have thought! What’s wild is – the rollercoaster everyone is one to get here and the fun part is – we are all riding together my friend.


    • Doug –

      Of course, no need to say thanks. The community busts their butt and we want to do something to give back. We can do more, but this is at least one consistent bright star! Keeping it shining, how about that?


  9. Thanks for putting this great list together and for including me! I really appreciate it. It’s so cool to know that we collectively brought in over 16k in dividends in August. It’s inspiring to see all the different stages of income. It’s awesome to be able to contribute to the DGI community! Thanks again for taking the time to to this together.

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