July Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

The market continues to swing, as we kick off the second half of 2019.  Declining interest rates stole the show during the month, as the Fed cut interest rates in July (as expected).   The interest rates have led to a refinancing boom, that saw one of us refinance our mortgages (article to come).  Seeing the market swing on a daily basis is a great reminder for why we are long-term dividend growth investors.  With a long-term investing horizon, we are able to relax during short-term turbulence and focus on the end prize…financial freedom.   It is part of this crazy journey that we, as a community, have embarked on!  Which is why each month, we aggregate as many dividend income summary articles from around the community.  Here is the July 2019 version of the Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers series!

Dividend Dozer – $100.01 – There we go, cracking the triple digit threshold baby!  Altria (MO) bringing the power for you, representing 16% of your income. However, you had 12 companies pay you and that’s fairly impressive for the amount received.

Div Hut – $916.52 – So…. 84% growth from last year, that’s insane!  Congratulations.  Can you keep that up?  I hope so, as you’ll be close to $2,000 then!  I see MO and Philip Morris (PM) are the bulk of your income.  In addition, I see you have love for the Canadian Banks – with Toronto Dominion (TD) and Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS).

Mr. Free @ 33 – $901.12 – 35 companies, paying an average $25.74.  Now that’s dividend investing at it’s finest!  Your Walt Disney (DiS) position is impressive, as well, as I know how much it takes to receive that much in dividends.  Further, you aren’t investing that heavily and you still managed double digit growth year, over year.  Keep inspiring Jason!

Pollies Dividend – $197.88 – Another strong month Pollies!  Further, I’m hopefully Coca-Cola (KO) comes roaring back and continues their rebound strategy.

Passive Income Pursuit – $428.85 – Nice job PiP, almost $500!  Further, solid dividends from Medtronic (MDT) and Nike (NKE), two positions neither of us hold.  Keep that 17% growth rate up, very impressive.

My Dividend Dynasty – $464.19 – I am sure we both are waiting on Medical Properties (MPW) to increase their dividend this year, come on!  Year isn’t over and hopefully they do it soon.  I hope the deal with Glaxo (GSK) and Pfizer (PFE) goes well, also.

Passive Canadian Income – $496.40 – Making moves and almost crossing the $500 mark there PCI!  You will crush that next time.  Further, those Canadian Banks sure are sending dividends your way no doubt.  Keep earning that passive income

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $284.53 – Almost $300, so close!  Further, great companies, Kimberly Clark (KMB) and I see you also have Occidental Petroleum (OXY).  Making big moves and looking forward to you crossing $300!

Dividend Guy Blog – $111.15 – Making moves!  I see that $40 dividend from Disney (DIS) swinging into your total.  Great company and think they’ll be a branding image that will last forever.  Excited for what’s to come for your portfolio!

Fiscal Voyage – $604.97 – Massive growth and Felix is going hard on increasing his taxable assets.  If he keeps the same growth rate up, he’ll be even closer to $1,000, this time next year.  His big dividend payers, consistent with the community, were Altria and Philip Morris.

Engineering Dividends – $625.20 – Loving the size of the Illinois Tool Works (ITW) pumping that dividend income stream.  In addition, your Nike (NKE) dividend is also impressive.  Just do it.  Guess what?  That is what you are doing!

Stashing Dutchman – $137.52 – I see you own Coca-Cola (KO) and that hasn’t been a stock in the portfolio yet.  Looking forward to owning them one day!  Also, a 44% growth rate isn’t too shabby either!  Amazing seeing the growth.

Broke Investor – $18.55 – You received dividends from Illinois Tool Works (ITW), Realty Income (O) and Cisco (CSCO).  This is a good thing, because I own all 3 : )  Lastly, keep that growth rate up, I would love to see you keep (at least) doubling your income each year in the comparison!  I know you can do it.

Dividend Quest – $1,029.94 – I can’t believe you also crushed $1,000 this month, amazing.  Further, you are consistently hitting the $1k mark, showing to be a great inspiration that consistency matters, as well as time.  Nice job!

Dividend Dream – 85 (Euro) – Making moves and almost crossing the 3 digit mark.  You’ll be there next year, for sure.  Further, a growth rate from last year of 36%, has been a consistent theme around here.  Everyone is growing at double digit rates and it’s impressive to see!  Nice job DD, keep it up.

Dividend Snail – $273.89 – Another solid 31% dividend increase here.  NICE WORK DS!  Further, I’m proud to announce every company you owned increased their dividend, BRAVO!  I haven’t taken a look at Medtronic (MDT) in a while and seeing that stock on your list has me interested.  You’re getting closer and closer to new milestones, amazing.

Dividend Vet – $275.26 – This is getting funny.  Vet also received a 31% higher dividend total than last year.  I see he has both PM and MO bringing in about half of his dividend income, with 6 other payers, such as Kimberly Clark (KMB).  Keep crushing those goals Vet!

I want Dividend – 298.16 (Euro) – You’re up 204% from last time and you had 13 payer’s sending you checks. I love the Bank of Nova Scotia, fueling dividend your way.  Love the Canadian Banks, always.

Dividend Earner – $2,213 – Crossing the $2k mark… in July, YIKES!  That’s motivating for us all and can’t wait for you to hit those magic numbers!

Young Dividend – $1,743.81 – WOW, almost $2k yourself. Further, you almost received $1,000 alone from Altria (MO) and Philip Morris (PM), just wild.  Let’s see more diversification and you crush $2k this time next year.  Congrats!

Mr. Tako Escapes – $1,860.89 – Incredible.  Almost $2k.  Mr. Tako also received 14% more dividends in July this year, than last year.  Another strong increase, showing that dividend raises and a little extra capital go a LONG way.  On top of that, that’s just his dividend income from TAXABLE accounts… couldn’t imagine what it is when including other accounts he has!  Keep inspiring.

Dividends and Hobbies – $466.95 –   Those were some SWEET dividends from MO and NRZ.  Talk about packing a serious punch right there.  That income can buy a serious amount of Durango Joes coffee 🙂

D for Dividends – $48.08 –  Despite the decrease from last quarter, your income grew compared to last year. Plus, the focus on a growing, sustainable dividend will benefit you in the long run.  Keep it up and stay hungry D!

Kody’s Dividend – $33.84 – Love the Robinhood screenshots on your page.  That 101% YOY growth rate is impressive and should be a huge motivating factor to help you continue to invest every possible dollar.

All About the Dividends – $632.54 –  Between Altria, Interpipeline, BNS, and others, there were a ton of new heavy hitters that paid you a dividend in July.  Keep chugging and keep making progress towards your dividend income goal for the year.

Dividend Swan – $359.06 –  A long, long list of names produced Swan with a lot of dividend income during the month.  Keep finding ways to invest while you are getting your MBA.  It’ll be worth getting every dollar in the market you can today. Trust us.

Desidividend – $390.60 –  Wow that was a nice dividend from Fundrise.  That, among your stocks, helped push your dividend income forward.  Those two dividend increases were great too, adding over $20 in dividend income.

Divcome – $177.88 – Alright Divcome!  Congrats on the 30% YOY increase.   And the dividend growth will only get better if you manage to purchase some of the names on your watch list.

Snug Fortune – $86.65 –  We share two of the six companies that paid you a dividend in July.  Unfortunately, we are more of a Pepsi website here instead of Coke!

Dividend Gremlin – $133.34 –  Gremlin’s House Party continues to be a blast.  Seeing strong dividend growth and realizing a lot of dividend increases along the way.

A Dividend Dream – 72 (Euros) –  The name of the game is dividend growth for ADD.  Between additional purchases in employer stock and good old fashion dividend growth, ADD continues to see moves being made.

Get Rich Brothers – $533.85 –  Wow.  That dividend income continues to grow, doesn’t it.  The charts are looking great compared to the last few years.  The progress is real GRB.

Dividend Income Stocks – $350.27 –  Man, it is always sweet to see a fellow investor cross a new investing milestone.  DIS now averages over $350/month in dividend income.  You’ll cross $500/month before you know it.

Dividends Are Coming – 113.20 (Euros) –  PM accounted for an overwhelming majority of DAC’s dividend income this month.  And GSK fell into the #2 place.  Both of which are represented in our portfolios!

Reverse The Crush – $14.70 –  First, you have to love RTC’s dividend income report and how it is resembles a true press release.  Well done RTC!  Second, based on your rationale, you had a pretty good reason to sell the stock that caused the decrease.

My Financial Shape – $418.00 –  That is a 100% year over year increase MFS.  That’s what we’re talking about.  That’s how you motivate us, and others, to continue pushing forward!

Total:  36 Bloggers Received $19,960.32 in Dividends in July (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

That’s an average of $471.12 per blogger.   Think about that.  Us, as a community, averaged nearly $500 in dividend income for the month.  We didn’t have to lift a finger to earn this income.  It just shows the fight, resilience, and hustle that we all have.  Seeing your successes motivates the heck out of us and it helps fuel that F.I.R.E.   We each find unique ways to grow our passive income streams.  Some invest every extra penny into the market.  Some of us use side hustles to increase their cash flow.  Further, there are other individuals that use apps, technology, and travel hacking to maximize the benefits of each purchase (See: Financial Freedom Products).    Let’s not take our foot off of the pedal, keep fighting and pushing each other.  Lastly, as we say every month, make EVERY DOLLAR COUNT on our journey towards financial freedom.

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

34 thoughts on “July Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Great review. BTW. Your stock screen review and purchase of MMM has inspired me. Have wanted to initiate a position for so many years. Keeping a close eye on it. Would love to get in below $160. Or, maybe I should just pull the trigger today since my investment time horizon is forever. Tom

    • Tom –

      If time horizon is forever and the price it’s at meets your undervaluation metrics, then why not? If a great company is priced lower offering the same/better value in the future – then average on down. Question is… what are you WAITING FOR TOM?!


    • PCI –

      Love laughing too, about it, because I know that if we keep this up, who knows how many 0’s at the end of our totals that we will have. Time, it’s a double edge friend – great for what it can do to your dividend income, but once time is gone… it’s gone.


  2. Nice work everybody! All I see is YoY increases! It’s a race of its own. It will be interesting to see who reaches FIRE first, expect for Mr Free at 33.

    • German –

      Let’s keep making moves! Between him, Mr. Tako, RB40, man – we have to keep pushing ourselves on our journeys. All on different timelines and paths, but each month we are closer, all of us.


  3. It’s so motivating to see all those huge amounts coming in for various bloggers! It provides some new blogs to check as well at the same time 🙂
    As always, thanks for the list and for including me in it as well! 🙂

  4. Thanks again for compiling this list guys! Another solid month for the community overall although sadly I was below the average once again. I’m hoping to really start remedying that over the coming months though because I think I should be able to get back to making at least one decent sized purchase each month. August has brought about 1 sale, but 4 purchases for our FI Portfolio which I’m pretty stoked about.

    • JC –

      Don’t think of that!!! 4 purchases… huge. September isn’t too far away, and we know how much it rains dividends on the quarter ends. Pumped to see another full year of dividends being collected and reinvested. I know we are still waiting on a few key dividend increases this year, as well. Stay at it.


  5. We continue to put up impressive numbers each month. Congrats to all. Keep at it. DGI is the ultimate financial marathon. Enjoy the volatility as new opportunities seem to pop up out of nowhere.

    • DH –

      Ultimately marathon, to no finish and the legs stay fresh : )

      Volatility is great, as you said. It allows us DGIers to get in at better prices and to remain focused on the lower price points we have set. Patience… is sometimes key, but always finding where there is value, is what we do!


  6. Hey guys,

    Awesome list, as always. It’s wonderful to be part of such an amazing community. Everyone is making their dreams come true, and that’s inspiring!

    Thanks for putting it together.

    Best regards!

    • Fieber –

      Jason – you’ve been a great light for the community. I think you, we, everyone – we are all doing a great job continuing the education and spreading the literature with proof that this is possible. If only we could reach more people.

      However, we are reaching and helping individuals/families/couples, etc.. This is one of the best positives to what we do and what we write about. We all have different stories that may leave a mark on someone’s future. Thank you Jason.


  7. Hi guys, thanks for the mention! Actually, two mentions to be correct. I like it however 🙂

    Thanks for putting the list together. It offers a lot of inspiration to just keep plowing along. Best of luck!

    • Dream –

      Of course, hey, why not, right? Sometimes both Bert and I review it and hey, twice is a charm… hahahah.

      Let’s keep the training oiled up and moving FORWARD. Pumped for what’s to come.


  8. Wow, that’s a huge amount! Great to read.

    One question though: the business roundtable (around 200 top-companies) has put a statement on Monday putting shareholder value lower on their priority list. It is signed by some top-180 CEO’s. Do you think this will impact the DGI community/approach in the US? Or is it just a political statement?


  9. Thanks a lot for adding me in the list. This is really motivating for me as a newbie in dividend journey. Just 2 years ago I had no idea about investing and now I am a part of dividend bloggers community.

  10. Great to see the community crushing it yet again, even in the holiday month(s)!

    My total ended up being €64,98 (post tax as always). Somewhat less then the other two months of the quarter but saw my first payout from FedEx so that’s always awesome to see 😉

  11. Yet another month of impressive results. They really speak for themselves each and every month! As always, thanks for including me on the list. It’s a pleasure to be part of a supportive community as we all embark upon the journey to FI or live our post FI lives.

  12. Thanks for the inclusion, as always, guys. You can’t help but be inspired looking at everyone’s results. August will be considerably lower, but it’s all about the average when working on quarterly schedules.

    Take care,

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