How I Saved almost $2,000 in 3 Years with Google Fi

It was July 2016 and I was in the middle of simplifying my life and finances.  Part of the simplification was with my cell phone plan, provider and services needed.  I was tired of being in a long-term contract and paying for services that did not fit my need or use.  Further, the telecommunications landscape was changing by the way you pay for or even lease your phone.  This is my story on how I switched to Google Fi and have saved almost $2,000 in 3.5 years.

Google Fi

What is Google Fi and how is Google Fi different?  Well – for one, if you’re using a phone designed for Fi, your phone will keep you on the best signal by intelligently shifting between three mobile 4G LTE networks.  Those networks are Spring, T-Mobile and U.S. Celullar.

The phones from Google are the Google Pixel 4, 4 XL, Pixel 3, 3 XL, 3a, 3a XL, 2 and 2 XL, Pixel and Pixel XL.  These phones have an integrated eSIM that lets you use Google Fi without a physical SIM card.  Other phones designed for Fi are the Nexus 5X (mine!), Nexus 6 and 6P, as well as LG G7 ThinQ, LG V35 ThinQ and Moto G6 and G7, as well as Moto X4.

Other phones are compatible, but you won’t be able to switch networks to the best connection that is available.  Therefore, it’s ideal to have an Fi compatible phone, but other phones will work.  Here is their site to review if your phone can be compatible on Fi.

Google Fi’s Pricing Model

Can you guess which plan I use with Google Fi?  I started out with the Flexible for 1 Plan with Google Fi and the average price of my bill has been $24.64 over a 42 month period.  I currently have my mom on my plan and each additional line is only $15 extra and the pricing is still the same at $10 per GB used, capped at 6 GBs – everything else is free with this option on Google Fi.  My mom pays me roughly $17-$18 per month when you add taxes and fees.

Here is an example of a plan you could choose, if you had 4 lines (common family plan), for a frame of reference:

Why I chose google fi

The decision to switch to Google Fi was fairly simple for me.  I never use data, since I am almost always on Wi-fi, did not want to be in a long-term contract, wanted a more integrated Google/Android phone; and, lastly, I wanted to save money.

In summary, I wanted: No contract, lower price per month, pay as you use for data and a better phone.  See a screen snip from their page and you can see why Google Fi perfectly lined up with my desire:


In addition, there have been many perks to having Google Fi.  I was able to use my phone when we traveled to Italy, could make phone calls for free when I was on wi-fi.  Further, the plan syncs with my chromebook, so I can message, take video and voice calls without even having my phone.  Lastly, I love how integrated everything is that I do with Google, at this time.

How I Saved Almost $2,000

I was paying, when on Verizon (VZ), somewhere between $65 and $70.  Therefore, I went with $70, as I would occasionally have the $15 overage for 1GB to pay for, when my siblings would cross over, which would push the cost even closer to $80.  At the time, they weren’t working and couldn’t pay, so I was the “good” brother and would traditionally pay it.  Never did they say thanks, dammit!

I switched to Google Fi in July of 2016.  I did not realize I have been with them for 3.5 years or 42 months!  Isn’t that insane?  You know why I haven’t thought about it?  No surprises.  No going into a VZ store to argue about my phone or bill.  No phone calls to Verizon about unexpected charges and a promotional rate dropping off and my price going up.  Never.  It’s been so pleasant that I wouldn’t even know what it would be like to “revert” back. Yes, I said it – REVERT BACK.

Along the way, I have managed to save ALMOST $2,000!  That is so REAL everyone, I cannot even begin to describe this to you.  Have you ever wanted to save an extra $30, $40 or more per month?  Google Fi is screaming at you, to say hello.

I will leave with this question – What are you waiting for?  As their slogan suggestions – They are “a different kind of phone plan… Simpler pricing and smarter coverage” – oh, and switching could save you $40 per month and when you invest that for 20 years, at a 7% return rate, would equate to $20,837!

8 thoughts on “How I Saved almost $2,000 in 3 Years with Google Fi

  1. Great savings! It’s definitely a great option for a lot of people but I’ll give a word of caution on Google Fi and similar carriers like Republic Wireless. These services obviously don’t have their own networks, so they lease space from others. In the case of Google Fi your phone will connect to T-Mobile, Sprint, or US Cellular depending on signal strength ( Most companies lease from Sprint/T-Mobile to my experience, including RW back when I used it. Anyway, where I live I get extremely poor coverage from both Sprint and T-Mobile (I’ve been a customer of both) despite their coverage maps showing I should be getting solid 4G LTE. This is pretty sad since I live in the suburbs of a major metropolitan area. So, these types of services are off the table for me currently. Yes, when I’m at home there is the potential for Wifi calling but as soon as I drive off from my home the phone will basically be unusable. Before you switch see if you can find someone with the correct network(s) so you can check its signal in the areas you’ll be commonly using your phone!

    • Radikuhl –

      Yep – I would always recommend checking your service coverage. I am very lucky in the Cleveland-area and have never had one issue with service. In fact, I’ve received even better coverage since switching from one of the big providers. Therefore, it’s case by case and it’s work significantly well for me.

      Thanks for the comment and a good takeaway – always check coverage, as you normally would.


  2. Yes, you can save money with Google Fi, I’ve had the service for nearly 2 months now, and I’ve sacrificed a data plan that, while it cost more, worked incredibly well. With Google Fi data now, I use nearly no data because I get no data. I can no longer get live looks from my home camera feeds, I’m only able to send texts intermittently, texting photos is a coin toss every time I attempt to send, and phone calls have caused me to often tell the other person I have to call back because the connection is so poor. This is all on a brand new pixel 4 phone, so I’m hesitant to believe it’s the phones fault. I had a 1st gen pixel on “V” and at 3 years old, it worked better than the service I now get.

  3. I agree with radikuhl above, he is right I also live in a rural area and Google fi may or may not work I also have Google fi data SIM cards into iPads they can be sitting under a cell tower and not work sign for my phone the Google phone has the worst ringer available you can’t hear it don’t waste your money on Google fire you will be upset like I said you can be sitting under a tower and not get service

  4. I’ve had GooFi for four years, basically since they started, for all the same reasons, PLUS: incomparably good customer support, absolutely trustworthy pricing (even down to the penny for unused data), and the annual holiday gift (this year a Google Home Mini). I understand your enthusiasm.

    • Larry –

      Yep – they actually sent me a replacement Nexus5x when I had the bootloop issue, as well. In fact, the phone came in less than 24 hours to my house. Further – got the Google Home Mini as a gift as well : ) Love it!! And glad I have another member to share the fun with, as well, oh and the savings.


  5. And don’t forget the free VPN and extreme black Friday sales on new Google phones, was able to order my new pixel 4xl for 50% off via Fi credits. And when you refer friends and relatives you both get credits. The Fi app is also incredible! J

    • John –

      Whoa free VPN? I may have missed out on that. I have to look at the Fi app more often, as I may have been missing a few of these promos. Thanks for the heads-up. I do remember seeing the black Friday sale, though. I did receive a free google mini too!


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