Guest Post – 4 Smart Money Tips That Help Reduce Interest on Your Personal Loans

Loans give us a chance to do, buy, and experience things that you simply could never pony up the cash to do. They make owning a home possible. For most people, auto loans the ticket to buying a car. In some ways, loans are even an opportunity to build wealth. And in others, they’re an opportunity to spend like you could be wealthy.

There’s a catch. Borrowing money costs money – and it can cost a lot. You pay fees and interest on your loan, and if you have a higher than average loan interest rate, you could spend years paying interest before you even touch the balance.

If you want to borrow, you need these smart money tips to help you protect your finances when paying back a loan.

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Dividend Stock Quick Picks: Lanny’s Mid-June Stock List

dividend quick picks

Given that the stock market has had roaring days for the most part of June, outside of one very, deep red day, it is time to re-visit what dividend stocks I am watching. We will call this Lanny’s Mid-June Dividend Stock Quick Picks.  These companies are packed full of dividend history, growth and stand to do well during uncertain times! Continue reading

Dividend Stock Purchase: Bert’s May 2020 Summary

dividend stock purchase

May was another fascinating month in the market. The number of green days significantly outnumbered the red days. For our portfolio market values, it was exciting to see. However, from a stock purchase standpoint, it was a little frustrating.  As prices appreciated, the number of purchase opportunities slowly faded. Still, as you saw in Lanny’s May purchase article and you’ll see in mine, there were still opportunities to purchase strong, quality dividend growth stocks.  Let’s dive right in and view my May dividend stock purchase summary.

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Dividend Income Summary: Bert’s May 2020 Summary

Dividend Income, dividend stocks, January dividend

May is over. Boy did the stock market end with a bang! States are easing their lockdown restrictions and the economy is starting to open again. Already, the stock market is trading at their pre-pandemic levels. The impact of the reopening will be fascinating to follow over the next couple of months. When each month closes, we each type up our respective dividend income summaries to share our results, progress, and most importantly, hold ourselves accountable. My dividend income summary this month had some positive news. However, my dividend income was also plagued by some nasty dividend cuts. Let’s take a look at the detailed results.

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Dividend Stock Purchase: Lanny’s May 2020 Summary

dividend stock purchase

May finished off another positive month in the stock market.  My dividend stock purchase activity was not as significant, given most companies I want have been rising in price!  The market is unpredictable, to say the least.  Time to look at my dividend stock purchase activity in May!

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Dividend Increases – Expected in June 2020 – (Hopefully)

dividend increases, dividend increases in February, Dividend Aristocrats

Dividend increases are the name of the game.  We love them, we monitor them, and are constantly watching each stock in our portfolio and watchlist for news about them. Why? The impact of increases on your dividend income streak is real and is pivotal for your journey to financial freedom.  It only makes sense that each month, we write about the expected dividend increases and review the actual announcements from the last month. Here is the next installment of the “Expected dividend increases” segment!

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