August Dividend Income From YOU The Bloggers!

Markets up, markets down.  That seems to be the theme of 2019.  Oil prices have been the latest item to experience wild swings.  Further, interest rates are starting to slowly climb up once again, so hopefully many of you were able to take advantage and refinance your mortgage (I know Bert did – article to come on the topic).  Each swing, each change in the market, presents a new wave of opportunities for long-term investors like ourselves.  That’s why it is important to have a stock screener (Read our Dividend Stock Screener), establish a watch list, and most importantly, SHARE YOUR IDEAS WITH THE COMMUNITY.

What’s crazy is  how many stock purchases the two of us have made over the years that stemmed from an article we read on one of your websites.  We cherish this community.  Which is why we aggregate as many dividend income summary articles from around the community.  Here is the August  2019 version of the Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers series.  It is time to get motivated!

Passive Canadian Income – $346.80 – There we go!  Loving the 10% increase and the fact you had 12 companies pay you, amazing.  Also, pumped that Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) continued their 2x per year dividend increase.  Always happy to see that!

Reverse the Crush – $36.57 –  The 86.77% year-over-year increase is incredible RTC!  The best part is that you’re going to surpass your 2018 total in September.  Everything else in 2019 is a bonus from here on out!

A Dividend Dream – 91 (Euros) –  That addition of T&T in 2019 compared to 2018 made a huge difference in your income.  What a company to catapult your growth, especially at that high dividend yield.

My Dividend Dynasty – $665.39 –  No one ever likes to see a decrease compared to last year, but yours has huge positive undertones.  It is the result of a portfolio rebalancing that is providing you with a dividend strategy that better suits your long-term investing objectives.  It is worth the decrease in the short-term for the long-term benefits.

My Financial Shape – $422 – This doesn’t include the additional $114 in interest income received from Peer to Peer lending.  MFS’ dividend income total was excellent for 2019.  That BTI dividend is no joke and the tobacco wars are about to heat up if MO and PM do eventually merge.

Dividend Seedling – $44.52 –  Seedling.  Yes!  The seedling is starting to sprout and you are seeing the benefits.  You’re absolutely right, you’re inching towards your first $50 month and are going to get there soon.  Keep focused and keep on going.

Buy Hold Long – $38.32 –  The overall trend for BHL’s dividend income is moving forward.  With no mortgage, things are going to be humming along for BHL!

I Want Dividend – 479.59 (Euros) –  Woah.  Now that is an awesome 54% increase compared to last year.   Further, those five additional dividend increases are going to  continue fueling that dividend growth for you!

Dividend Portfolio – $147.73 –  Those are some familiar names that paid you a dividend this month.  AT&T, AbbVie, Procter, Starbucks, and so on.  Good luck making it a day without interacting with one of the products sold by those companies.

Dividend Quest – $865.78 –  A very nice amount of dividend income in an “off” month for Quest.  Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve in September based on the increase you are projecting!

Stalfare – 1,012 (Euros) –  You never like to see a dividend decrease.  However, we were happy to see that it was just due to a timing  and you’ll be getting those dividends in September!

Divhut – $1,128.09 –  Another freaking insane month for Keith.  He continues to crush it and watch his dividend income soar to new heights.  A 40% increase at that high of an income level is just great.

Fiscal Voyage – $877.20 –  FV’s dividend portfolio continues to grow at an impressive clip.  Your taxable account grew 83% compared to last year.  You’re one step closer to hitting your goal of $2,000 in monthly passive income.  Stay hungry.

My Road to Wealth and Freedom – $1,593.72 – Almost $1,600??!   Are you kidding MRWF?!  That is an AMAZING amount of dividend income for an off month.  Those dividends received from BMO and RY were pretty massive and accounted for a huge chunk of your dividend income last month.

Dividend Swan – $200.85 – Bring on the dividends baby!  Working full time, plus going after your MBA, hard to do, but at least those dividends are still churning for you!  You’ve got this, stay focused.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $357.83 – Almost $158 from telecommunication stocks – Vodafone (VOD), AT&T (T) and Verizon (VZ).  You are making moves, no doubt. Enjoying that Kinder Morgan (KMI) dividend too, huh?  You know the Diplomats are!

Dividend Dream – $119.00 – Coming in over the 3 digit line, with a staggering 27% growth rate, unreal!  Love that you have Realty Income (O), the dividend that bears fruit each and every month.  I hope that O goes down in stock price, so we can all scoop up more.

Dividend Seedling – $44.52 – SO CLOSE to $50!  I see you also have CVS (CVS) in your portfolio, I have been enjoying them lately and can feel their turnaround/results of being a behemoth company with Aetna blossoming.

Dividend Compounder – $331.12 – Setting records my friend!  Further a 58% increase is no joke.  Glad to see you also own and are benefiting from Delta (DAL). Lanny loves the airline, hence his article, “Another Look at Delta: The Most Well Positioned Airline“.

Expat Investor – $249 – I know you are bigger on the quarter end months, due to being heavier invested in funds.  Therefore, I look forward to your September and am anxious to see how staggering those numbers are!

Dividend Snail – $304.69 – Abbvie, General Dynamics, and Nokia were welcomed additions to your dividend portfolio this year.  Nokia wasn’t a new addition, rather a timing change, but it was nice to receive in a less populated month.  Your goal of at least 25% YOY growth rate is aggressive and awesome, that’s how you set goals.  And you’re going to crush it at this rate.

Dividend Deluge – 294.50 (Euros) – Deluge had the nice Special Dividend bump in the current period.   But that wasn’t the main driver here.  Omega Healthcare, AT&T, and some of the other usual cast of characters contributed to your strong results!

Passive Income Pursuit – $541.70 – JC is finally done with his insane purchasing spree.  Seriously, if you missed it, look at all the purchase articles released last month.  Just imagine what that dividend growth rate will be next year??

Retire By  Forty – $1,098 – WHOA. 4 digits.  August.  Scared what September will bring you RB40, but being scared is a great thing.  Nice job!

Dividend Growth Engine – 17.73 (Euros) –   Now that is an update right there for DGE! Your 100%+ DGR compared to last year was impressive.  You know what else was?  The listing of stocks you purchased this month as well.  Setting that solid dividend stock foundation DGE.  Way to be!

Kody’s Dividend – $48.93 – Much like Giannis, Kody dunked on his dividend income total this month!  You’re going to blow past $50 in November and you’ll never look back afterwards!

Dividend Income Stocks – $358.03 – This quote is just awesome from German “That’s the magic of compounding. The longer I’m in the game, the higher the returns, without contributing much on my part.”  Darn freaking straight!

Divcome – $301.36 –  Alright Divcome!  Cracking the big $300 mark in August.  That is freaking awesome right there.  We share a lot of common names for you, so you get a nice thumbs up from us about the companies that paid this month!

Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy Girl – $610.14 –  That is an impressive laundry list of companies that paid you a dividend in August.  Love that your income is not concentrated in one or two holdings.  It is nice and diversified!

D for Dividends – $81.24 –  T and ABBV lead the charge for D for Dividends this month!   But like Lanny, that big Delta dividend increase had a nice impact on your dividend income this month.   Great, great company.

Dividends are Coming – 64.91 (Euro) – Kinder Morgan (KMI) baby!  Also,  see you have Synchrony Financial (SYF), I was briefly looking at them in the past, is on your list. I know you’re down aid it’s all based on timing.  Your September should be awesome.

Get Rich Brothers – $76.34 – Bring it on GRB!  I love your thought on AbbVie (ABBV) and have debated just the same.  I say go for it and maybe I will too.  Let’s keep adding forward dividend income son!

Dividend Gremlin – $338.97 – Can we say 20% increase from last year?  I say, yes we can say that!  Further, your September increases are looking VERY promising!  Bravo!

Snug Fortune – $132.10 – Nice work and glad to know that you know the reason for slight decrease.  It’s just re-allocated to other months!  Jealous on that Texas Instrument (TXN), as well.  Never owned them but I know they are nice and steady as other dividend behemoths!  Looking forward to your fortune building up!

All About Dividends – $535.14 – Killing it!  Who needs to be in the $400’s when you can be in the $500’s… just as YOU did!  You love those Canadian Banks and I am RIGHT there with you, with Canadian Imperial (CM).  In addition, I love pizza and really need to take a look at… Pizza, Pizza (PZA)… hmmm.. feeding myself with dividends baby!

Engineering Dividend – $751.30 –  ABBV bringing in the dough for you.  Man – it must have felt awesome receiving a three digit dividend from the company.  But that was hardly the only impressive part of ED’s month.  The fact you’re over 75% of the way towards the $1,000 mark in an “off month” is incredible!

Stashing Dutchman – $270.61 –  91% increase.  Not too bad, not too bad.  We’re just kidding.  That’s incredible SD!  We share a lot of names and its great to see your foundation continue to grow.

Broke Investor – $31.74 –  Broke Investor has this cool chart showing how much of the expense the respective dividend covers in the budget.  It is always a fun way to look at it.  Now – let’s see you cross 100% BI!

Dividend and Hobbies – $488.03 – Holy AT&T.  That $177 is insane.  Did we see it correctly?  You received over 5 new shares via DRIP.  That’s how you add some additional dividend income to your portfolio right there!

Desidividend – $429.86 – Desi’s trend continues to point upward.  Your dividend income is growing at an exponential rate, as you continue to build a portfolio of strong dividend growth stocks.

Dividend Dozer – $87.15 –  Dozer went dividend shopping this month.  Sure, the income growth was great this month.  But just wait until NEXT YEAR when the result of all the purchases are felt.  Keep it up Dozer!

Dividend Hawk – $1,251.41 – Increasing your dividend income over 20% compared to last year when you earned over $1,000 last year is a pretty impressive feat!

Investing Pursuits – $232.29 –  Wouldn’t worry too much about the YOY decrease.  Especially because you are working to pay down debt and improve your net worth that way.  You are building a stable foundation here and have a lot of great Canadian Banks in your portfolio.

Dividend Pig – $1,401.61 – A nice 36% dividend increase and that puts you on pace to absolutely destroy everything come 2020. Looking forward to it DP!

Total:  43 Bloggers Received $18,703.43 in Dividends in August (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

Look at that, look at that.  The community averaged $435 in dividend income this month!  Each month, we tally these results and continue to come away amazed by the progress each and every one of you are making.  Whether your income increased 1% or 100% compared to last year, the important thing is that we are all taking the steps necessary to move ourselves closer to financial freedom.  Let’s break free from the shackles together and win back that precious TIME that we care so much about.

There are so many different ways to move ourselves forward this month.  Find some new ways to save using one (or all) of Lanny’s 5 ways to save $500 TODAY.  Or sign up for one of our financial freedom products.   Regardless of whether you do or not, let’s just remember the most important thing.  Make every dollar count, every single day.  Stay focused.  LETS GO!

Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

46 thoughts on “August Dividend Income From YOU The Bloggers!

  1. Thanks again for putting this all together because I know I miss some of them especially when I’m not at work. Looks like the group had a pretty damn awesome August! I love seeing that average up over $400 and I imagine September is going to be killer.

    • It was crazy seeing the amount cross over $400. We were pumped too! This community continues to impress and deliver stellar results. You’re too busy buying stock to spend time reading all of these reviews 🙂


  2. Dividend income runs the gamut again this month. How awesome to see people at different places on that road to financial freedom.
    Always appreciate the inclusion in this list of dividend bloggers. Thank you, Lanny and Bert. I plan to keep pushing my totals higher. I was helped just yesterday with that beautiful dividend raise from TXN!

    • PCI! Thee totals are freaking sweet. You said it, the community just continues to roll. IT is impressive and motivating to watch people continue to push the boundaries and their personal financial situaion.


  3. As always, thanks for including me in the post! I’ve mentioned it time and time again, but these posts will never get old. Dividends are fun from a theoretical standpoint, but they’re even more fun in practice!

    • Kody –

      What’s wild is how far we’ve come, no joke. It’s crazy knowing how long and how far each person has come, even if it doesn’t feel like it. We are better as a community, I know I am. Looking forward to our continued progress.


  4. Thanks for adding my blog in your list. In August my biggest dividend income was from ABBV and T. I have also received a good amount of dividends from AAPL as it is the largest holding in my portfolio.

  5. Great month again for the community! And, I appreciate being included once again the article. The Feb-May-Aug-Nov schedule is a tough one, but it has been back on the mend lately.

    I feel like I was sadly a bit too slow to take advantage of the real ABBV weakness. It bounced back pretty quickly.

    Take care,

  6. Thanks for the inclusion. As usual, another great collective month for passive income among all our DGI peers. Still don’t get why some pooh pooh this investing strategy. It’s a great way to generate income and these results are real proof!

    • DH –

      It does boggle my mind. I think it’s the instant/short-term satisfaction of those watching market values go up, so they can tout their worth around, though they would have to sell in order to capture that wealth. You know?


  7. Amazing progress in this community being made. Inspirational people, all inclined to make their dreams come true. Independence by financial independence. Keep on pushing everyone! 💪

    Thanks again, diplomats! Truly appreciated. 👍

    • Compounder – Absolutely. We’re all on this crazy journey together. With hard work, some grit, and a ton of motivation, we are going to make it a reality. Let’s keep on moving and continue pushing.


  8. With €82,56 I had my second highest month so far and September look like a killer month for me due to my first special dividend 🙂

    Thanks as always for creating this list!

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