Lanny’s Q2 2017 Goals Update

The first six months definitely have been fun, interesting, lessons have been learned, passions explored and a renewed focus has developed.  I cannot wait to look at the half of the year coming up, sort of in a “the glass is half full” kind of way.  Learning more about yourself/oneself in a much more rapid pace, but still focusing on the areas that make me happy, as well as the true goal of financial independence.  This quarter marks another quarter closer to these goals and I’m excited to talk about what progress was made.

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Lanny’s May Dividend Income Summary

Summer is here BABY!  Memorial weekend just came to a close and man, the sun is shining fricken bright!  Cavs are in the finals and road-tripping is real.  On top of that – the Cleveland Indians are starting to roll wins and Encarnacion is using his bat finally!  Enough of sports and summer weather – dividends have fully come in for May, so let’s check out the dividend income summary!

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Just Go For It

As I was sitting at work over the last few weeks, days and hours – I couldn’t help but have a different perspective of defining the purpose of why I am there and what I can do to maximize the 24 hours in a day.  4 words came to mind – Just Go For It.  When it comes to blogging and building our Dividend Diplomat Brand, the same topic of Just Go For It, comes to mind.  Then, when I went on a run and deep in a workout the other day, low and behold – Just Go For It, again, popped in my head.  Run hard and run fast, keep going.  When I am talking to my sister on helping her figure out her career and interviews – Just Go For It, all day.  We are spending time together, to show her guidance on how to prepare, question & answer scenarios, amidst other things, tackling it with everything we have.  Why not, right?  With investing, saving and experiencing life – we have to “Just Go For It” in each and every way, within each and every day.  Why the heck not?  Find out more with what I’m talking about, what it means and what can happen if you do.

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Fears of Being a First Time Homeowner

My wife and I just purchased a house…it is still settling in.  I can’t believe I am taking the plunge into home ownership.  This is the largest asset we ever purchased, and it most likely will be the largest one for the remainder of our life.  Last week, I tried to give an in depth account of the purchase in an article. Some of our frustrations, how we stumbled on our house, and the bidding/acceptance process.  At the end of the article, I left a cliff hanger about some of the parts of being a first time homeowner that I am still struggling with.

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Lanny’s Q1 2017 Goals Update

Spring time is in the air and  Easter has now been celebrated.  Busy season is over, the snow is melted and the NBA playoffs have started.  Baseball season is underway and the Cleveland Browns still have no idea what’s going on.  I set my goals earlier on and it’s time to check back in after a rough few months to see how I am doing.  Time to check in after 90 days of the pursuit of 2017’s goals, which is hopefully propelling and pushing 2018 soon-to-be goals to new levels.   Continue reading

Milestones is part of being a Dividend Investor

Hello everyone!  Bert and I are staring at the finish line of our busy season right now, but we are still trying to pump out articles when we can.  What better things that get us pumped up then hitting milestones with our investing that we do.  We know how excited each and everyone one of us gets when we hit a new milestone.  However, I don’t think anyone has really stopped to think and has said – being a dividend investor brings a plentiful milestones along the way.  Check out what I’m talking about.

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Making the Most of Your “Lunch Hour” Each and Every Day

Today, one of my co-workers was talking about his CPA exam and how he has one left to go to become an official CPA.  Definitely a hard test, and thank goodness that’s long behind me.  However, he was planning on taking it at the end of May.  Even though we are in busy season, I stopped and asked, what?  Why won’t you just put the 15-20 hours per week for the next 3 weeks and take the last part?!  It dawned on him, after I laid it out – taking advantage of the one hour that you pound food, talk about the weekend with your boys and about what you’re going to do after work on Saturday, each and every afternoon gets you NO WHERE.  If you want to accomplish things that you complain that you don’t have enough time for – make it a priority and take advantage of time, including that “lunch” hour.  I don’t necessarily believe in a lunch-hour, I merely think of – you have a day – you are expected to accomplish work, objectives/deadlines, but definitely should take breaks throughout the day to do other things, etc.. but get your work done and in public accounting – be chargeable.  I digress…I then showed my co-worker this lunch hour can produce 5 hours, at least, per week of studying, not including an early morning and then weekend studying after work and on Sundays.  It finally hit him that accomplishing this goal is doable NOW instead of “maybe” LATER.  It made me want to write about how to make the most out of what we call the “Lunch Hour”.

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