May Dividend Increases!

All – this post will breakdown the dividend increase announcements from the month of May that we hold in our portfolios.  This is a great way to see if/when our individual stocks decide to give “more” earnings back to their shareholders – “us”!  Some months we may have a post, others we may not – it all depends if our companies that we own decide to increase.  We each will go through our portfolios and review any dividend increase announcement.  This is one of the trickling effects/ways to increase your portfolio, reinvest those dividends to increase your annual income!  And the cycle continues…

Dividend Increase Announcements – May

  • TOTAL (TOT): Announced a dividend of $0.838079, up from $0.810358 last payment or slight 3.4% increase for the quarter (L)
  • Shell (RDS.A): Announced a dividend of $0.94, up from $0.90 last quarter or a 4.44% increase for the quarter (L & B)
  • BP (BP): Announced a dividend of $0.585, up from $0.57 last quarter or a 2.63% increase for the quarter (B)
  • Pepsi (PEP): Announced a dividend of $0.655, up from $0.5675 last quarter or a 15.4% increase for the quarter (L)
  • NationalGrid (NGG): Announced a semi-annual dividend of $2.29, up from $1.99 same period last year or a 15% increase this year (L)

From the looks of things – May seemed like a pretty damn good month for the portfolio!  TOT is an oil company that is based in France, and by Market Cap – is actually the 4th biggest in the world (behind Shell).  National Grid is similar – they are a utility company and their 2nd dividend payment is always higher than the first, so I always compare their dividend to the prior/comparable period – a 15% increase is nice!  Pepsi came through and surprised the heck out of me with an over 15% dividend increase to it’s shareholders – how often do you receive these types of raises at work?  Exactly.  The parenthesis at the end of each increase described above correlate to who owns it in their portfolio: L = Lanny and B = Bert.

That sums up the month of May for us in regards to dividend increases – did you all experience similar traits with your stocks? Enjoy the Memorial weekend!

-The Dividend Diplomats

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