March 2020 Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

March dividend income

We are in the heart of the coronavirus (COID-19) pandemic.  This is a truly unique time, something that neither of us have seen during our investing careers.  For the first time, companies in our portfolios have announced more dividend cuts than dividend increases in a month and the worst may still not be over.  The price of oil is plummeting and the dividends for major integrated oil companies are hanging on by a thread.

Despite all of the negative, we have found 39 reasons to smile and remain optimistic.  Each month we compile a list of dividend income summaries from around the dividend investing community. March featured many personal records and a lot of freaking dividend income.  Even with the dividend cuts, there were plenty of great examples of why the Power of Dividend Reinvesting is so powerful.

Here is the March 2020 installment of the dividend income from YOU the bloggers series. Let’s stay positive, focused, and most importantly, motivated to reach financial freedom!

Dividend Seedling – $54.90 – Threshold met and CROSSED!  Nice job DS, making moves and progress. Do I see 9 or so Dividend Aristocrats on that list?  Awesome.

Dividends Down Under – $237.12 – Though you had a decrease, you still crossed $200, which is impressive.  A lot of headwinds and we will weather this Pandemic.  Coronavirus can’t hold us down forever.

My Dividend Dynasty – $1,234.99 – Holy Smokes.  4 digits baby!  You are crushing the dividend income and your investing is paying off, big time.  You are looking at COVID-19 in the face and saying, “BRING IT”.  That Realty Income (O) dividend is impressive, that monthly stream is significant!

Dividend Gremlin – $504.43 – Another significant threshold crossed.  Your dividend income increased 17%+ from last year and 12 companies increased their dividend, such as 3M (MMM) and T. Rowe (TROW).  Keep the investing train going forward/in the right direction.  Financial freedom is that much closer.

Broke Investor – $61.35 – That list of companies that you own in your stock portfolio is beautiful.  Recession and pandemic proof, I’d say.  You have Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Pfizer (PFE) and Dominion (D).  Three companies that will still churn during the volatility. Further, a 105% dividend growth rate from prior year to this year is phenomenal!  DO it again.

Passive Canadian Income – $680.05 – A 4% growth rate versus last year, plus you had dividend reinvestment.  The solar income, though not included, is still the coolest form of passive income that I’ve seen.  Cheers to more sunny days and cash flow!

Divcome – $750.38 – 41 dividend stocks are in your portfolio, that is insane!  I love it.  Further, your growth rate is incredible.  You also took advantage of the bear-market signals during the heightened coronavirus, down-days, and really plowed cash into the market.  You were running into the stock market when others were fleeing, which usually bodes well.  Congratulations.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $281.73 – There we go, almost the $300 mark!  I share 4 of the names in there and I know Bert owns Chevron (CVX).  Further, it looks like you own Gilead Sciences (GILD), which may have come up with a vaccine for the virus – that stock price sky rocketed last week!  Congratulations, keep it up AFFJ!

Dividend Income Stocks – $480.55 – You received 46% more income this March versus last year.  Further, you are not alone in this pandemic and dealing with the stock market volatility.  We all definitely are feeling the stomach-drops from the market, but one must stay the course.  We can do this, one day at a time.  Great earnings at YouTube, as well!

Kody’s Dividends – $90.31 – Kody, glad your family members aren’t exhibiting any COVID-19 symptons, there are many of us that have family members or are also thankful no one has the virus.  Further, love that you are taking advantage of Robinhood’s investing platform.  We continuously update the pros & cons, appears the fractional shares people are loving.  Keep it up.

More Dividends – $137.99 – Over 40% growth is nasty. Further I see you have a few dividend aristocrats with low debt, such as Archer Daniels Midland (ADM).  Keep it up MD!

Dividend Dozer – $422.15 – Yes, I would agree it’s been a humbling month, going through volatility is always interesting, especially as we are looking through the lens of a recession.  This pandemic will be in our face for some time, but that’s not to overshadow the dividends you received.  Keep at it!

Young Dividend – $1,921.42 – You have a top 5 foundation dividend stock with JNJ that is paying you OVER $250 per quarter.  Couple that with their incredible 6% dividend increase recently – you are on FIRE!  Bring on financial freedom baby!

Investing Pursuits – $433.24 – Continue to persevere and progress on your pursuits.  Almost $500 is incredible, especially during these unusual times.  You’ll get there next March.

Tawcan – $2,314.39 –  Bob has developed quite the steady stream of dividend income that continues to grow, and grow, and grow.  March 2020 was no different, as the income increased 16.4% from last year.  And that was already off of an insanely high base!  Keep it up Bob and keep on inspiring us to continue pushing forward.

Engineering Dividends – $1,327.51 –  Congratulations on the new personal record! That 22% year over year growth rate is SWEET ED.  The growth rate was led by the new $100 dividend from Broadcomm.  Enjoy raising the bar and setting an ever higher record in June.

Two Investing – $1,465.75 – After some nice portfolio rebalancing, Two Investing delivered another strong month here in March.   The dividends per hour are continuing to grow and will help fuel that retirent one day 🙂

Time in the Market – $2,009.62 –  TITM had an ever so slight reduction from 2019. Now, we know what you all are thinking…no, it wasn’t due to dividend cut.  Just due to some portfolio cleanup and sales over the last year.

Mr. Tako Escapes – $12,525.35 –  We said we were expecting a huge March in last months post.  But, Mr. Tako, take a bow.  Holy freaking cow that is a lot of dividend income right there.  Not only did you earn an insane amount of income, buy your post also shows that you made some delicious looking food in March as well!

Desidividend – $1,182.28 –  There it is Desi, there it is.  We’re looking at a nice 16% gain compared to last year and some very strong companies paying you a dividend.  Those mutual fund distributions were nice too!

Dividend Cashflow – 320.50 (Euros) –  The new stock additions and purchases led the charge for Dividend Cash flow this month. It was a perfect month to receive those new dividends and reinvest those dividends.

Reverse the Crush – $88.16 – Another blogger, another record.  RTC is living up to the name.  Taking the crush, flipping it upside down, and laughing at the critics.  Keep the hustle going RTC!

DivHut – $2,241.47 – Keith said it best, “The dividends don’t lie.”  If you are looking for an example of what happens when you work your butt off, consistently investing, and stay the course, look no further than Keith.  A titan in the dividend growth investing community continues to deliver stellar results.

Get Rich Brothers – $697.25 –  The growth continues for GRB.  And the best part is that the true impact of your March purchasing spree will be felt during the second quarter.  Those results are going to be epic.

All About the Dividends – $808.35 –  The real story isn’t the dividend income. The real story in this summary is the insane volume of stock purchases that Matthew had during the month of March.  That’s how you set the table for a crazy 2020 right there.

Passive Income Pursuit – $1,635.33 – 18% increase compared to last year.  Killing it, despite the shutdown.  We are taking one day at a time and should stay consistent with our investments, despite the noise in the news and market.

Financially Free in 10 Years – 137.27 (Euro) – Congratulations on your first Aflac (AFL) dividend, from one of the best dividend aristocrats there are! I look forward to seeing your dividend income continue to blossom.

Dividend Growth Journey – $305.35 – Just a 33% growth rate from last year, no big deal.  You had two dividend increases from two dividend aristocrats – General Dynamics (GD) and Realty Income (O).  These are two companies in each of our portfolios, as well.  Stay safe out there.

Chicken Wizard’s Div Blog – $1,485.86 – I couldn’t agree more, this has been an adventure.  Going through the uncertainty has made us all better and wiser, already.  In addition, I love your companies that are paying you, especially Microsoft (MSFT), jealous on that one!

My Financial Shape – $835.00 – Have to love that Smuckers (SJM) stock in that portfolio!  They are definitely recession proof and will do very well over the next 18 months.  Oil on the other hand… hang tight.

Dividend Portfolio – $78.68 – I know you are working your way back from $0.00.  Do the best you can and let us know if you need help or guidance DP!  Excited for you to make moves, one investment decision at a time.

Capturando Dividendos – $410.13 – I see you also have Gilead Sciences (GILD), touche!  Further, it appears your oil exposure is low and you have quite a few recession-proof stocks, including Duke Energy (DUK) and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ).  Stay grinding!

Money Maaster – $666.53 –  I am sorry to hear about the threshold going down below $12k – I know the pains of the cuts and I feel like I am a net negative for the year, in terms of dividends going forward in 2020 versus the end of 2019.  We will get through this.  Let’s keep taking one day at a time.

Dividend Earner – $2,482 –  Amazing month!  But shockingly, your March results came in just a hair under February.  That is definitely not a trend you typically see in the dividend investing community.

Dividend Growth Engine – 104.41 (Euros) – Man DGE, you almost doubled your dividend income compared to last year.  That is SWEET.  You have to love those new positions in WBA, TROW, and UPS.  Three companies that we are plenty familiar with.

Dividend Hawk – $1,803.99 –  What a month for Hawk! You showed a pretty cool statistic in your post. You have now received over $80k in dividend income in your investing career.  Congrats on crossing that big milestone.

I Want Dividend – 592.16 (Euro) –  That 41% year over year increase is looking pretty freaking solid Erik. It’ll be interesting to see if oil’s dividends can hang on in the coming months.

My Road to Wealth and Freedom – $673.43 – Decreases are never fun, that’s for sure. But it looks like you may have timed your ENB sell perfectly.  Hopefully you were able to reallocate that cash into other great dividend paying stocks.

The Dividend Guy Blog – $587.11 – Now this is a dividend income chart that is trending in the right direction.  You said it best, receiving dividends are just like sipping on that glass of wine DGB.

Total:  39 Bloggers Received $44,068.49 in Dividends in March (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

The community averaged $1,129.96 in dividend income this month!  That’s the first time I feel like I’ve seen that high of an average, thank you Mr. Tako for bolstering it.  Further, I don’t want to not talk about the elephant in the room.  Folks, we are going through something that happens once in a lifetime or in two lifetimes… if we can get through this, we can and will get through ANYTHING.  If you need any reads to help with your personal finance situation or for investing, we created the following, related to the pandemic:

Where do we go from here?  That’s easy.  Let’s keep pushing to make EVERY DOLLAR ALWAYS COUNT.  We are almost through April and we must persevere through the irrational behavior from investors, throughout the Coronavirus downturn.  Keep in mind, there’s always room to improve your savings, in order to invest.  Take a look at your budget to find a way to make your financial position better.

If you have read the above articles and you’re still short on ways to accomplish this…don’t worry, we have you covered.  If you’re looking to reduce expenses, find some new ways to save using one (or all) of Lanny’s 5 ways to save $500 TODAY.  Want to turn receipts into cash or earn stock with each purchase, look at the various apps on our financial freedom products page.

Now, take those savings and find undervalued, dividend stocks to invest in.  Keep that dividend income stream growing. If you’re just looking to casually see what stocks we own, we openly share our dividend portfolios.

Stay focused, hungry and consistent out there.

Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

41 thoughts on “March 2020 Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. 44k, that’s an amazing total from the community! Love seeing everyone keep it going during these turbulent times. This is certainly one of those rare events that will impact everyone, not just investors in a big way. Hopefully we can all get through it as a community and come out stronger on the other side!

    • Time –

      Time – that’s what we need back and what we need to have on our side. The impact is real. There is no doubt we are better from this. Can’t wait to be on the other side of this!


  2. Thanks for including me along with all the other great Bloggers and Dividend Investors. It’s always incredible to see all the dividend income reports together. I was happy to post another record month. Congrats to everyone! 🙂

  3. What a great result for everyone! Congrats! Hard times ahead of us as uncertainty about dividend cuts is all around. Stay focused on high quality stocks.

    • DGJ –

      Something positive coming at everyone during the uncertainty was the main goal. Time to stay focused, continuing to make it work and seeing the results during these months. Let’s keep it up!


  4. You have to love these end of quarter months. Congrats to all. Hopefully these dividends continue to inspire all and really highlight the importance of passive income. Keep it going!!!!

    • DH –

      No doubt about it. I hope that this continues to show – the dividends are still coming in heavy, even during the pandemic. We all will come out better, for sure. The boring, blue chip stocks have fared very well during this, that’s for sure.


  5. Thanks for including me on the list as usual. It will be interesting to see how the community fares in June’s income report in light of the recent dividend cuts.

    • Kody –

      Of course, no prob. Yep – that will be interesting. I hope that we have seen the worst from a cuts stand point. I’m still bleeding from them, that’s for sure. Hoping the reinvestment makes up for it, at higher yields!


  6. Daaang this community is still looking strong 💪 Gotta love it! Once again, many new records – one dividend at a time. Keep the motivation flowing DDs!

    LETS GO!!


    • This community is looking great Divcome! I love how these records keep getting shattered every quarter. That’s the beauty of dividend investing, right?? Keep at it and keep up the hard work.


  7. Thanks again for the inclusion, guys. What an incredible month from our entire dividend growthing team! Always inspiring to see everyone on the rise over time… so many in solid four- (even five-) figure income in single months. Simply unreal.


  8. Thanks for including me,it will be interesting to see how q2 will end ,as some of the companies announced some dividend cuts and same people added lot of stocks.But congrats to everyone.

  9. Love these posts!! Always nice to see how everyone is doing! Even during these crazy and unprecedented pandemic times, we all seem to still be blessed with dividends. Hopefully, it continues as we slowly discover the true financial impact of Covid-19 in the months to come.

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for the mentions. AFFJ

    • AFFJ – Being blessed is a great way to say it. But that’s why we focus on these companies with long history of increasing dividends through various economic cycles. This is a unique one, that’s for sure. But we have put ourselves in the best position possible to keep this extra income stream alive.


    • MM –

      Mr. Tako definitely moved the boat down the river for us, haha. He has killed it for some time and is now plowing cash back into stocks, adding to his forward income. We all should stay consistent and continue to buy undervalued companies! What a time right now MM, hoping for positive dividend increases to finish April and to start May off.


  10. Amazing results. Hopefully I can get to a computer for next month and get my results out I had a great month also along with all those above.

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