Lanny’s May Investment Report

Hello Everyone!  This will be a traditional/monthly post where I explain my investment activities (purchases, sales) and goal updates.  This should always be an exciting time, as it will help not only me & Bert, but hopefully YOU – the reader stay on track with your goals as well.  Let’s get down to business and to breakdown the transparency to my portfolio & goals!

Investment Activities

This will not include any 401K purchases through my employer as an FYI.  However, May had 2 days of purchases during the month – AT&T, which I wrote about here, and SNH, MPW, SBRA, that I wrote about at a previous post.  The purchases were $4,472 in total, AT&T – $1700 total, of 48 shares, adding $88 to my annual dividend income for the year and $2772 total across 3 REITs adding $166 to my annual dividend income for my retirement account (Roth IRA); a combined amount of $254 added to my annual dividend income projection.   AT&T was a valued purchase, and adhered to our stock screener filter and provided steps towards my goals and the other purchase correlated with my dividend yield goal for my retirement account, as well as taking advantage of the healthcare/aging population realm.

Goal Updates

As the portfolio has been updated in our Dividend Portfolio section, we have come to update you on the following goals for Lanny:

Forward Annual Dividend Projection: $3,280 or 87.46% towards the dividend goal of $3,750

Market Value: $98,268 or 98.27% towards the $100,000 goal

# of Stocks: Increased to 24 out of 25 or 96% towards the goal

Dividend Yield Individual Portfolio: 3.95% (up 2 basis points from 3.93%), just shy by 5 basis points towards goal of 4.00%

Dividend Yield Retirement Portfolio: 2.60%, (up 18 basis points!), shy 40 basis points towards goal of 3.00%

Investments YTD: $15,287, up $4,472 from $T, $SNH, $MPW, $SBRA purchases, $4,713 to go or 76.43% there.



What a month of May!  My dividend projections increasing $254 annually in the month of May alone – just from stock purchases, how lucky am I to invest that type of capital into appreciating and cash flowing assets?  The market has been hitting all-time highs on the daily – making stock research, analysis and a goal focused mindset to be at it’s upmost importance.  I make a modest income as a CPA and never would I have imagined that at the age of 26 – that I would be closing in on a $100K portfolio with an income stream of $3K+ coming from it.  Dividend Mantra stated that we can never get our time back at his latest post, which I agree – make the best of what we can with our days now and reach our goals to do more of what we want by reaching the Financial Freedom status or as we like to call – Financial Independence.  June is always a larger month for dividend payers, as it is a quarter end – I am (fingers crossed!) looking forward to the best month of dividend income I have ever received, which I of course – will disclose and show you how the performance truly is – more so because I know of the dramatic reinvestment that occurs during this month!  My biggest month I ever had = $615 in March – can that be topped?  We shall see what happens – hopefully with dividend increases, purchases and reinvestment – that June can climb over that hump.  With me typing that, I know a goal to add for 2015 already.. which I am sure you can guess… I know I owe Mantra an article about a few bank stocks – which I will get to work on this weekend, a nice analysis post is on the horizon.  Thank you for all stopping by.  Did everyone have solid goal momentum this month?  What’s coming down the pipeline for everyone in June?  Thank you again – keep investing, save more, spend less, buy assets that put money in your pocket.  “Nuff Said”


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2 thoughts on “Lanny’s May Investment Report

  1. Lanny,

    That’s a great month right there! Over $4k added in fresh capital! That will surely get you to your goals in a hurry, my friend. Keep it up. 🙂

    And thanks for the mention. Much appreciated. Looking forward to that article on banks if you get around to it!

    I’m also looking forward to June dividends. Should be a very solid month for many of us.

    Have a great weekend.

    Best wishes!

    • DM,

      Fresh capital was placed in – you know how us dividend investors love adding capital, especially at various stages, various pullbacks and strong valuations. I really appreciate you stopping by and checking it all out. I am getting a little antsy waiting for the full of month of June to blossom – and actually – dividends have already came rolling in today! Cheers to the last month and a head nod to this upcoming month. We will def. talk soon.


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