July Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

July is done and this amazing summer continues!  It has been a busy third quarter for us here, and so many bloggers out there, as the market continues to present buying opportunities.  Lanny has initiated positions in companies like BBBY, ITW, and WRK and added to his position in KHC while Bert followed suit and initiated positions in ITW and WRK.  Our inspiration to push ourselves to invest every dollar we can comes from ALL OF YOU in the blogging community.  Each month, we read your income summaries and see how hard you are working to grow your income and relentlessly pursuing financial freedom.   For those of you that are new followers, each month, we gather as many dividend income summaries from the community to share the results with all of you.  Here is the July installment of the Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers series!

Dividend Driven – $822.99 – Killing it!  Talk about a whallop for July.  We’ll try to drive and catch up to you Driven!

My Dividend Dynasty – $429.95 – Gosh, how are you getting so much in July?!  I own 3 of your 4 companies.  Crazy, that on average – you’re earning over $100 per entity.  Love me some Realty Income (O) and Medical Properties (MPW)!

Wallet Squirrel – $20.11 – Nice job earning this income, among other revenue streams!  All about those side hustles baby!

MoneyMaaster – $545.18 – Good Lord!  Another whallop here.  You love your REITs, as well as the entity distribution from Canadian Equity fund.  Nice job Master!

Dividend Dozer – $91.63 – 13 different companies paid you, which is quite the difference, when compared to MDD above.  Talk about spreading that risk!  We share Cisco (CSCO), in your bunch!

Divvy Dad – $108.75 – Crossing the three digits, NICE!  The companies you have in your portfolio – Disney (DIS), Ben Franklin (BEN), etc.. is very impressive.  Keep investing in these companies and your portfolio will be killing it.

Dividends and Hobbies – $366.03 – Nice job D&H!  You are doing very well and I like that your article is short, sweet and to the point.  August and the rest of the year should be fun!

Dividend Quest – $954.82 – Almost $1k?!  Nice work.  Not many names on your list that I recognize, but that sure is a hefty amount to receive.  Motivation for us all!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $384.51 – Nice job AFFJ.  You are doing very well, from knocking out the mortgage and earning those dividends.  18 companies is quite impressive.  Each month you are getting closer and closer to freedom!

Engineering Dividends – $508.67 –  That was an impressive 18% YOY increase and there were a lot of moving parts.  The craziest part is that you received 6 dividend increase that will add an additional $97 to your forward dividend income.  That’s how you keep the momentum rolling!

Dividend Snail – $208.83 –  Snail with a 31% increase!  Freaking amazing DS.  Just like Bert, you received your first dividend from LEG this month.

Diligent Dividend – $393.35 –  Sit down and wait for it.  Diligent’s dividend income increased an astronomical 1,657% compared to last year.  All we can say is WOW.

Stalfare – 987 Euros –  The passive income streams continue to grow for Stalfare.  July was a great month of dividend income!

Dividend Cashflow – $307.51 – Dividend Cash Flow continues to experience double-digit growth, as DCF’s average monthly dividend income has increased from 120.58 Euor per month to 149.60.  Keep up the great work our friend.

Fiscal Voyage – $440.01 –  Felix continues to impress with dividend income and other sources of passive income, as he receives rental income and other income.  That rental income was very nice this month!

Dividend Vet – $210.06 – A solid number of companies are paying you with an amazing increase from last year.  Question is – can you still keep this up?  I say, you better.

American Dividend Dream – $136.01 – A solid month ADD.  A 15% increase from last year is damn respectable, you should be pumped about it.  I hope CVS investment plays well for you!

Dividend Gremlin – $81.72 – The Gremlin continues to strike and deliver awesome dividend increases compared to last year.  Enjoy those dividend increases you have coming down the pipeline in August as well.

Screaming Little Man – $4,573.23 –  SLM…..holy freaking smokes.  Are you kidding us??? That is an insane amount to receive in July. One word…motivation.

Dividend Seedling – $7.07 –  The seeds continued to be planted for DS.  DIS, O, ad TIF make up a nice blend of companies to pay you a dividend during the month!

Passive Canadian Income – $416.99 – Rob’s busy summer continues and the results have been amazing.  Another insane dividend growth rate, along with one of our favorite side hustles, generating income from solar energy!

All About the Dividends – $543.91 –  Matthew’s results continue to impress and his dividend total continues to grow at a nice rate!

Reverse The Crush – $46.73 –  RTC’s post has our two favorite words included in it…PERSONAL RECORD.  Congrats on raising the bar this month RTC.

Dividend Daze – $48.97 – Oooh!  Almost cracked the $50 mark.  Next quarter, no doubt.  Further, 7 companies at $49 is impressive, evenly spread.  I’d buy either Cardinal Health (CAH) or Cisco (CSCO), based on what paid you.

DivHut – $498.16 – Dang!  First Daze misses $50 by just $1.03 and you missed $500 by $1.84, come on!  It’s okay, you’ll get it in NO time at all.  We finally joined you on the ITW wagon, and it feels good.

Mr. Free @ 33 – $781.16 – Chugging through the tunnel is Jason’s dividend train.  Incredible and strong growth from last year, at 17.4%.  What’s cool is that he had 28 different companies paying him, showing how diversified that portfolio is.  Awesome!

Dividend Pig – $762.78 – There we go!  A massive 175% increase from last time, plus you own some names I’ve had my eye on, such as Iron Mountain (IRM).  Keep rolling in the trough, if it keeps bringing you dividends like that!

Tall Investing – $333 – A nice/fun number to look at there!  I feel you on the exchange rate, as it relates to the change in Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS).  I am sure you’ll take the YoY growth of 45% any day.

My Road to Wealth and Freedom – $1,818.53 –  A freaking impressive month right here.  Congrats on the large increase and seeing your portfolio’s market value climb to a new record!

Tawcan – $1,594 – Bob.  You continue to post amazing dividend income totals.  Your growth and progress made over the last few years has been just incredible!

Dividend Income Stocks – $277.31 –  A rock solid 21% year over year increase for DIS!  That $700 per month transfer into your investment account is really starting to make a difference.

Dividend Earner – $1,753.89 –  WOAH!  Another personal record set this month for Earner thanks to some massive payouts from the banking community.

Dividend Compounder – $165.45 – Banks, tobacco, and REITS provided DC with some strong payouts during the month, leading to a 300%+ YOY increase!

Dividend FIREman – $706.64 – The dividend firehose continues to pour out a heavy flow of money for FIREman.   His results continue to impress!

Pollies Dividend – $212.65 – Pollies coming through this month and received a HUGE mutual fund dividend payment.  Also, congrats on crossing the 100k market value mark!

Steps to FI – $470.33  – Man oh man, you are closing in on crossing a nice investing milestone.  Next month you should easily crush $9,000 in forward dividend income!

Passive Income Pursuit – $332.52 – What’s that JC?  Another insane month?  Your income and net worth continue to grow at a great rate.  BOOM!

DesiDividend – $372.86 –  Desi, your dividend income chart continues to trend in the right direction.  Love the steep slope we see each month.

The Money Sprout – $365.95 – There are a lot of dividend aristocrats on your listing of companies that paid you dividends this month.  Love seeing such great companies in your article.

I Want Dividend – 98.24 Euros –  Making moves, making moves.  Erik posted a nice dividend growth rate and received some nice dividend increases in July!

Dividend Hawk – $1,171.66 – Another 4 digit, goodness.  I love that Cisco (CSCO) and Pepsi (PEP) dividend you receive, monstrous!  Keep it up Hawk.

Young Dividend – $1,283.20 – What’s incredible is that you are highly concentrated in just two stocks – Philip Morris and Altria (PM and MO).  Thoughts on more diversification or are you comfortable with the holding?  Congrats on the beast of a month.

Total:  42 Bloggers Received $25,632.36 in Dividends in July (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation)

Man oh man.  That is a lot of money for an “off month.”  Everyone, think about it.  42 people earned over $25k in dividend income in the slowest dividend paying month of the quarter.  THINK ABOUT IT!   This year continues to roll and all of us continue to make impressive strides.   We’ve found as many ways to save and as many ways to side hustle as possible.   Truly, let’s all continue to make EVERY DOLLAR COUNT here.  Let’s roll up our sleeves and hit the pavement hard for the rest of 2018.  We know you have a lot left in the tank, so LETS JUST GO FOR IT!

Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

32 thoughts on “July Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Those are some excellent results for an “off” month. Aamzing to see the communicty numbers. You can add my personal record at 26,49 euro to the list as well! 🙂

    Congrats to everyone!

    • Engineering Dividends,

      Of course! The community made reading these monthly results fun and we continue to be blown away by everyone’s progress. The rest of the year should be pretty darn fun if you ask me.


  2. Extremely impressive results from the community, and thank you both for all of the effort to compile this summary! It is an honor to be included and I’ve got a nice collection of reading material ahead of me. Congrats to everyone on the “quiet” month and cannot wait to see what the next couple of months bring for everyone!

  3. All of us are really making an impact. That’s a lot of cash being brought in by normal people.
    It will be very interesting to see what next month brings
    Thanks for giving us this list. Congrats everyone.

  4. These are some great numbers for the community considering July is a bit of a slow month for many of us on the dividend front! Every month of dividends simply reaffirms the utility of the DGI strategy, and why we all advocate for it.

    • Kody,

      These numbers are great. In fact, I had to read many of them twice to make sure they were accurate for an “off” month haha I leave reading these summaries always inspired to continue down this road and “trust the process”


  5. Hi and congrats to everyone involved

    I have been reading you post. Good quality i have to say. Your site helped me a lot to find more inspiration. I have been investing couple of years now and i also made a blog site, a similar page like yours and this will be my hobby from now on 🙂 hope to read more from you.

    Greetings from Sweden

  6. Great update as always, and thanks for including me. Pretty good numbers for an off month. The next few will be even better. Hope to hit triple digits for the next 2 months in a row at least.

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