January Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

We are in the home stretch of winter.  Luckily, winter has been tame and we haven’t had to shovel too much snow (knock on wood).  The dividend investing community has started off 2020 with a bang! We are excited to jump right in and share each individual dividend income summary with you.  For those of you that are new to our website, we aggregate as many dividend income summary articles from around the community.  Here is the January 2020 installment of the Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers series.  Let’s get motivated!!

Dividend income summary articles from the dividend investing community. In January 2020, 47 dividend bloggers produced nearly $32,000 in dividend income!

My Dividend Dynasty – $595.80 – MDD is starting the year off with over $230+ in dividend income from Medical Properties (MPW) alone.  MDD is approaching $1k per month in dividends and if this is how 2020 is starting, there is no telling where he is going to finish.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $447.18 – ALMOST to $500 in January!  So close, but I know you’ve been sitting on cash.  Market is sliding, time to find an undervalued investment perhaps and really get you over the hump!  Occidental (OXY) dividend getting big, I dig it!

Dividends Down Under – $368.63 – Coming in hot with a dividend increase of 233%!  No big deal.  I want to see $500 in dividends next year!

Dividend Dozer – $114.08 – You received a dividend increase from Eastman Chemical (EMN) and you have a solid dividend from Disney (DIS).  I would be stunned if they don’t do an increase in 2020, after they paused their increase in 2019.  Guess we’ll find out if the + in Disney will add more to the income stream!

Div Hut – $974.94 – Man!  DH – so close to the $1,000 dividend income mark in January.  Next year is a no-doubter that you will be here.  Kimberly Clark (KMB) is a great company that I’m always jealous that you own, congrats on the dividend increase from them.

A Dividend Dream – 337 (Euro) – I understand the impact of that special dividend myself from BBL.  However, your other stocks and investments rallied and you crushed your dividend income total from 2019.  Congrats and keep that dream alive!

Fiscal Voyage – $634.27 – Solid increases from prior year and you had 15 dividend raises!  The impact of the Dividend Growth Rate is always real.  Keep it up, as with all forms of income, you are closing in on $2k per month.

Passive Canadian Income – $549.68 – PCI, knocking it out of the park. This compares favorably to $425.12 in the prior year and each dividend you received from companies, such as Disney (DIS), is quite a bit higher than last year – exactly what you want.

Dividend Earner – $1,788 – Slightly lower than last year, but that may be a product of BBL or mutual funds/ETFs (what is the difference of a Mutual Fund vs. ETF?).

Dividend Pig – $1,083.70 – WOW, crossing the threshold DP!  Nice job.  Further, I see you bringing in Cisco (CSCO) dividends – congrats on that 3% dividend increase on 2/12.  Lastly, that growth rate is impressive, 15% at these levels is incredible.

Dividend Hawk – $1,581.47 – First, love the 3 year chart, that is really cool and shows really great progress.  Second, 4 Companies paid over 3 digits, that’s another huge feat.  Lastly, the growth rate is awesome.  So much of that comes from just pure dividend increases.  Inspiring, so much income in an off month.

Mr. Free @ 33 – $1,009.28 – Wow.  You did it. 4 digits in January Jason. From $33 to $1k+.  We’ve all come along way and your journey is definitely special.  Loving that Armanino Foods (AMNF) dividend, by the way.

Wallet Squirrel – $50.80 – Great move on the income, consistent and steady.  Also, investing over $11k in one month is insanely awesome.  Just incredible.

Chickenwizard DivBlog – $1,321.91 – 29 companies, that list is MASSIVE! Further, CW, you must be loving that White Horse Finance (WHF) dividend, of ALMOST $500 alone, wow.  Lastly, that Two Harbors Investment (TWO) isn’t too shabby  Definitely two names that we don’t see often around here.  Keep pumping those dividends!

Dividend Guy Blog – $110.87 – Not only is DGB standing his ground at the bus station, with tickets he paid for but he is also standing ground on his dividend portfolio.  He recently sold a few small positions that didn’t fit his strategy, to use those funds towards companies that DO FIT HIS STRATEGY!  Take note, folks!

Divcome – $270.35 – I see that $27+ dividend from Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS).  Love them and am biased, since my Aunt worked there for over 30+ years!

Engineering Dividends – $792.74 – A whopping 10%+ growth rate, year over year, ED!  I see you stacking that Comcast stock (CMCSA) and I know I’m gathering shares of ViacomCBS (VIAC).  Loving it.

My Financial Shape – $189 – Almost $200, so close and you’ll be there next year, no doubt in my mind.  I too am interested in the venture of Pfizer (PFE) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).  Curious to see what dividends the new entity brings, though I know they said it would be fully equivalent to what we currently receive, i.e. receiving the dividend from Pfizer + new entity = dividend from Pfizer prior to venture.  Shall be interesting.

Dividend Swan – $317.87 – There we go!  Pumped for you to graduate, first off.  Secondly, 27 or so companies paid you.  You are so spread out, reducing the risk dramatically.  The increases and reinvestment will continue to propel this figure!

Passive Income Vortex – $452.76 – Killing it! Nice job averaging down on Cardinal Health (CAH), as I saw that dividend spike.  Bert’s a witness – I was telling him to do that, and then he missed the big pop up in price!  Keep at it, doing great!

Dividend Portfolio – $2.22 – It may not seem like a lot, but a dividend is better than no dividend.  Further, you have Realty Income (O), whom just became a dividend aristocrat, and Cisco (CSCO), who just increased their dividend.

Dividend Compounder – $310.16 – You started your dividend income journey for 2020 with a bang.  A solid 9% growth from last quarter and a staggering 43% from last year, WOW.  I see you hopping on the oil train – picking up shares of Exxon (XOM).  Hard to not buy them, a dividend aristocrat… at the yield of almost 6%, yikes!  Keep at it!

Dividends are Coming – 136.47 Euro – Jealous of the Nike (NKE) stock you have.  Thinking it may be time for me to start adding them to my watch list soon.  Always find it hard to get over their yield!

Reverse the Crush – $33.06 – 6 checks coming in hot for RTC! There are some nice friends in RTC’s portfolio, such as Altria (MO), Canadian Imperial (CM) and Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS).  Excited to see the new diversification that 2020 will bring you!

Divgro – $1,899 – Someone bring the ice, Divgro is on fire! Divgro is expected to earn OVER $2,200+ per month this year.  Inspirational, no doubt.  That Disney (DIS) dividend though is out of this world, definitely puts the “+” in Disney+!

Kody’s Dividends – $45.81 – Making big moves, the growth rates you are posting are awesome.  Though each dividend is not that significant, they are working together, as one money producing machine.  9.3% growth over the last quarter and over 77%+ growth vs. last January.  Time to hit triple digits Kody, go get it!

Capturando Dividendos – $830.61 – Big Tobacco sending dividends YOUR WAY! Philip Morris (PM) and Altria (MO) are shipping out more than $400 per quarter to you, insane!  An addictive dividend company, touche.

DGX Capital – $265.56 – 50% increase from last January and essentially met his forecast/expectations for the month – fun little twist/challenge.  Keep it consistent and continue to invest!

Stalflare – 956 Euro – Almost 1k and down slightly from prior year, due to options trading.  Make up the difference when you can : )

Mr. Tako Escapes – $2,104.88 – First, a HUGE month for an off month for Mr. Tako, secondly his dividend income covers the monthly expenses, incredible. Mr. Freedom man himself – keep on inspiring and we look forward to the natural growth your portfolio and dividend income experience!

Dividend Quest – $1,038.97 – Another $1k month for you, excellent!  I hope things brighten up for you and things come back to normal, with investments rolling again.  We’ll be thinking of you!

Dividend Growth Engine – 9.70 (Euros) –  Here is the piece that is awesome. DGE’s dividend income increased over 200% compared to last year.  If you can sustain that growth, you’ll retire in no time!

Tawcan – $2,249.72 –  Wow.  Tawcan has picked up right where he left off in 2019.  The dividend snowball is rolling and growing with each passing dividend here. On top of it, he added over $60 in forward dividend income from dividend increases alone.  Now that is SWEET!

I Want Dividend – 360.04 (Euros) –  Excellent month Erik.  Like us, you received a very nice dividend from NGG.  But heck, that didn’t ever crack your Top 3!

Dividend Income Stocks – $365.63 –  The 14% growth rate is great.  But the cherry on top is the foundation you are laying for future quarters with your January purchases.  Keep fueling your portfolio growth.

Investing Pursuits – $619.95 –   The Canadian Banking and communication sectors was represented well in IP’s monthly dividend income summary.  Those ares offer some serious yield to investors!

Money Maaster – $1,884.84 –  Well, shoot Jordan.  That’s a lot of freaking dividend income.  Can’t believe you received over $1,000 in an ETF payout this month.  Even without that, you still had a sick amount of dividend income!

Passive Income Pursuit – $467.02 –  Almost $500 in the “off” month, that’s right in line with Bert’s total for the month.  It is insane too that dividend increases added another $112 to your forward income!  Wow JC, just wow.

Dividend Driven – $339.59 –  I must admit, this is the most interactive dividend income summary I’ve read year.  Simple, effective, and a lot of great charts.

Time in the Market – $211.48 –  The 31% increase compared to last year was fantastic.  The best nugget in your article was that your January income has grown 4X since 2017.  Keep that growth coming TITM!

All About the Dividends – $680.27 –  Fantastic start Matthew.  Fantastic start.  Your income continues to trend in the right direction.  That’s how you set a strong tone in 2020.

Dividend Gremlin – $123.57 –  As you said, keep building on that momentum Gremlin.  Hopefully the chips and dip lived up to the hype for the Super Bowl!

My Road to Wealth and Freedom – $2,534.13 –  Holy Nova Scotia MRWF!  Over $2k from one of the top dividend paying Canadian Banks….check please?

Desidividend – $334.96 –  A ton of dividend income and a nice Fundrise payment as well.  That’s a recipe for success right there.  We are two huge fans of Fundrise ourselves.

Dividends and Hobbies – $587.16 –  Altria just crushed it for you this month!   The reinvestment added 3.5 shares as well for you.  Even more dividend income coming down the pipeline D&H.

Dividend Growth Journey – $257.64 –  A simple 150% increase compared to last year.  Now that is SWEET DGJ.

Broke Investor – $33.67 –  Broke Investor shows a cool section of the article showing how much each dividend would cover in a budget category.  Love the take BI!

Total:  47 Bloggers Received $31,816 in Dividends in January (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

The community averaged $676 in dividend income this month!  This community is starting 2020 ON FIRE!  But let’s think about this for a second.  These are the results of all of the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears we have poured into this journey so far.  Each person in this article is doing this the right way and pushing themselves towards financial freedom, one dividend income at a time.  Man, you inspire the two of us every single day, one article and one dividend at a time.  We can’t thank you enough for this inspiration.

Where do we go from here?  That’s easy.  LETS KEEP PUSHING and LETS MAKE EVERY DOLLAR ALWAYS COUNT.  We have built on our 2019 successes.  However, there is STILL work to be done.  Take a look at your budget, including each income and expense line item, to find a way to make your financial position better.

If you’re short on ways to accomplish this…don’t worry, we have you covered.  If you’re looking to reduce expenses, find some new ways to save using one (or all) of Lanny’s 5 ways to save $500 TODAY.  Want to turn receipts into cash or earn stock with each purchase, look at the various apps on our financial freedom products page.

Now, take those savings and find undervalued, dividend stocks to invest in.  Keep that dividend income stream growing. If you’re just looking to casually see what stocks we own, we openly share our full portfolios.

Stay focused.  LET’S GO and make 2020 the best year yet!

Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

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  1. Hey guys,

    Thanks so much for including me! 🙂

    Just awesome to see what’s become of the community. So many people making their dreams come true. It’s wonderful.

    Looking forward to seeing how 2020 shapes up for us all.

    Best regards.

  2. Hi you two,
    I sure appreciate including me on the coolest list on these here internets… The progress is amazing and congrats to all of you!
    I always get a huge rush of motivation to do some research into ideas for my stock shopping with this list.

  3. Awww I’m so incredibly happy to see us on your income report round up! Adam and I are back and have queue of new blog posts for 2020. We’re so excited to do more collaborations with finance bloggers.

    Happy 2020,
    Andrew (aka Wallet Squirrel)

  4. Wow… another collective, incredible sum brought in passively among our DGI community. Congrats to all. Keep on stacking those dividends and build for a better financial future.

  5. Dayum the list keeps growing haha. Yeah like that BNS payment a lot, and 30+ yrs working there for your Aunt is very impressive. Is it just me or do Canadian banks always look pretty good metric wise! 🧐😲 Definitely recommend everyone check out your financial freedom products page at the bottom of this post – a lot of good stuff in there! 📈🔥🎊


    • Divcome,

      I want to see this list over 50 every month. We need these quiet dividend investors to start new blogs and post their income results out there. THen again, why stop at 50, lets aim for 100! But we will need much more coffee to compile that list.

      Canadian Banks are always sweet. I need more of them. The yield and capital at those banks are always fantastic.


  6. Thanks for sharing guys!! Always glad to see where we stack up…but equally happy to see everyone’s progress regardless! We are all on our separate financial journeys, some are more aggressive than others. But as long as we are all moving forward, that is something to celebrate. Way to go dividend investors and bloggers!! AFFJ

  7. Thanks for including me among the bloggers on this list and for compiling it. $30k+ is really impressive results for the community and I’m excited to check our overall progress throughout the year.

  8. Great month everyone. Gotta love those ETF/Fund payout months!

    Let’s keep the momentum going for the whole year

    Also thanks again to the Diplomats for keeping these lists updated and everyone motivated!

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