Dividend Income for May from YOU the bloggers

This month I wanted to take a different approach and create a summary report from all of the blog posts I read this morning related to May’s Dividend Income.  I’ll list out the website name, the individual and their May dividend income with a link to their article.  I won’t be going in any order – so don’t be afraid if your name is at the top or bottom of the list – it really goes in order of when I stumbled into your blog in the past or follow clicks from others comments to read your blog – so no real order here.  I am pumped to review all of your performances and share them in a summarized format for the community.  How did YOU perform?  Let’s check it out.


May Dividend Income Results from the Community

I also want to start off by saying – Sorry if I don’t read your blog post – not intentional, but am trying to get through as many as possible today!  Leave a comment here and I’ll add you to the list.  Here are the posts that I read:

Dividend Mantra $358.67!  What a month he had – way better than last year’s May amount, but also, he has established a new baseline of $350 at a minimum.  Great job.  Also to note – he received 14 different paychecks… how many of us had that or work for that many companies?  Damn!

My Dividend Pipeline$1,110.96.  Um… yeah.  So – how many of us are shaking at the thoughts of making this much in MAY?  In a dividend-off month?  MDP, you suck but are awesome at the same time.  NICE work!  That would cover all of my house and utilities.  Money.

Dividend Hustler$932.99 – awesome.  You and MDP are having a nice little battle in how much you can earn in dividend income.  Been awesome having you apart of the community and great job establishing a new company/account that you discussed last month.  Would be pumped to reach these levels you guys are at.

DivHut$320.79 – Very sweet!  He has 3 accounts that are pumping dividend income with an IRA, Roth IRA and taxable account.  He recently established an account purely for the high yielding REITs as well. The majority of his income came from the taxable account at ~$222.  Nice!

Pollies$364.68 – great work over here.  A large amount came from AH.AS (approximately 1/3) but also PG, O and others paid nice dividends.  Great job adding 10% growth compared to last year, keep it up and you’ll be over $400 next year’s May!

Dutch Dividend$783.40 – huge month.  Dutch had 3 big payers in ARLP, KMI and AT&T for a total of $524.60 but still had over $250 from other companies.  Crossing $750 is impressive!

Captain Dividend$276.76 – beat my month of May’s dividend income out, that’s for sure!  I see a lot of familiar names in O, PG, T, and KMI.  Great work!

Frugality to Financial Freedom$456.26 – cha-ching!  Awesome month as FTFF shows us being frugal, investing and receiving dividend checks “ain’t so bad” eh?  Great job.

Happy Money Bags$179.22.  Talk about going leaps and bounds.  This is awesome and HMB was able to cover a lot of utilities if things ever really hit the fan.  All about trying to be frugal, such as us diplomats trying to save 60% of your income each month.  Great job.

Dividend Empire$60 in empire portfolio and $23.33 in retirement portfolio – nice job!  Just starting out and he’s on a mission to whoop the crap out of forward income and financial independence.  Great job and best of luck man!

What’s interesting here, in just these posts that I read, this is a total of $4,867.06 in dividend income analyzed!  How awesome is that?  Who wants to join up and get that beach house, sip on a drink and enjoy the sound of waves crashing?  Joking, but this is awesome.  Congratulations Everyone!  Also – these are the posts that I’ve read this Saturday morning and wanted to showcase them out.  Remember – I may not have gotten to all of them and this is in no way, shape or fashion in any order or exclusion on purpose!  Only so much time, right?  Next time can and will be a different story.

Congratulations to everyone in the community on their dividend income – definitely are making waves and bounds, and cannot wait until everyone reaches their goals.  How did YOU perform this month?  What can you do differently to pump your results up in the smartest way possible?  Please comment below – eager to see the feedback!


32 thoughts on “Dividend Income for May from YOU the bloggers

  1. Truly inspiring reading seeing you guys are doing so well! Don’t know how it is over seas but over here in Sweden, May is a fantastic dividend month. Most because our Swedish companies only pay dividend one time a year. So May is our strongest month and May gave me $443 wich I am very pleased with! Keep up the good work guys and as you say, MDP is CRAZY with his dividend! 😀

    • Martin,

      Thanks for the post! Wow.. sounds like May is awesome for ya’ll over there, maybe we can switch countries during that month, haha! Seriously – great companies over there, and congrats on $443, huge. Yes MDP is crazy with his amounts… we’ll catch him, don’t you worry.


  2. Interesting summary, thanks for pulling this together!
    Well, I’m far from the top, but it should be fun trying to catch up guys who are making something like 150-200 per month now.

    • Div Lord,

      Of course! Thought I would take a different approach and it’s a way for us all to see how the chips are stacking and maybe as further motivation to get us back on our goals and start running a little smarter/harder/faster/better, right? I hope you found it to be useful!

      Also – you’ll be there in no-time, guaranteed.


  3. Lanny,

    I’m gonna steal a quote from a good friend of mine from around 13 years ago who used to kill me in pool and sales. “Don’t hate the player……hate the game!” 😉 Lanny, you are welcome for the motivation! I am here to help! LOL

    In all seriousness, I was reviewing one of my net worth statements from 2004. It was some scary shit back then. There was no need for any back patting back then, although I was on my way to great things like you and many other DGIs are. Keep fighting hard!


    • MDP,

      Hilarious quote – i forget where that came from, but have heard it far too many times, great quote.

      That’s awesome, a look back of 11 years ago… I was a sophomore in Highschool.. wow. If only I knew then what I know now, dang!

      Thanks again MDP, lets keep it up.


  4. Lanny,

    Thanks for including me!

    It’s amazing seeing all those numbers up there. That’s some serious passive income across the board, and the aggregate is incredible. We’re covering some serious bills already, yet there’s still so much potential and progress ahead of us. Can’t stop us now.

    Have a great weekend!

    Best wishes.

    • Mantra,

      Of course – one of the top guys Jason! What’s funny is the amount of millions we have in total assets producing cash flow when we have it all combined, it’s astonishing to say the least. Something useful to see, how everyone is doing, if they are ahead of their goals, stages of their life, etc..

      Thanks again Mantra – have a great weekend as well!


    • Dreams,

      Of course! I hope it’s helpful, especially in that it gives us a chance to look at our portfolios and see if we are on track for our goals and what edits we can make to get there. Upward and onward!


  5. Great idea for a post and thanks for including me! It’s nice to have some dividends under my belt.

    Those are some big numbers up there! Definitely something to shoot for.


  6. Nice post Lanny…way to change it up. I like the new and creative approach! Great seeing everyone’s progress…happy for everyone mention. Keep it up the progress and inspiration DGI community!

    Thanks for sharing Lanny. AFFJ

    • AFFJ,

      Thanks for coming by, definitely a different approach to it all. Community is unreal and am very ecstatic to be apart of it. Bert and I cannot thank everyone enough for the support and also transparency in everything that we do and allowing us to feel comfortable to give back the same. It’s unreal. Thanks again AFFJ.


  7. Ha, this is quite good idea, publishing others income. I might do the same on my blog just for comparison. This puts it all into a nice perspective. Thanks for sharing.

    • Martin,

      Thanks for enjoying it! Great perspectives when looking at it and I think it’s cool to see how much different we are on our paths to financial freedom – some need less some need more, you know ? It’s awesome and cool way to keep you going. Glad you liked it!


  8. Love the post! Its great seeing the totals all in one place. I came in at just over $250 in May but about 85% growth from last year so the heat is on… Just trying to catch DM right now! His june will blow mine out of the water but I’m hoping my December will pull me much closer. Let the battles/encouragement/fun/etc begin!!


    • ADD,

      Thanks for coming by and NICE – over $250 beats me, I like it. 85% growth… not bad, I had 160% where you at on that?! Joking, joking, BUT I do plan on crossing and keeping the same growth rate for next May, I have a feeling I can do it. Nice work using someone to promote your goals further, DM better keep his eyes on the back of his head! Joking, joking, we know it’s all about our own path and whatever passion can drive us further to our goals is positive to me! June will be fun, 23 days left!


  9. Very cool seeing other bloggers’ May dividend income. We are just about to tally our dividend income for May as well. I think we came in around $800.

    • Tawcan,

      Yep – just read yours earlier or late last night (I already can’t remember haha!) but I saw you crushed over $800 with a nice 10% growth from the prior period – just awesome. Congrats and let’s keep that mind focus on!


  10. Thank you for sharing Lanny. Appreciate it you including me. This journey is awesome and more wonderful with all you guys in it. I’m so happy to have friends/bloggers to share it with as in real life, I do not know anyone who share my path in dividend investing. It’s so hard to talk about it when most people don’t really like to talk about personal finances… So I just wanted to say Thanks.
    Thanks for taking the time to whip up this post. Take care and best wishes my friend. Cheers.

    • Hustler,

      Don’t thank me – thank yourself! You are the one working hard and making it happen!

      The journey is awesome, look how many there are of us similar individuals all going for similar goes and following passions, it’s awesome. Trust me too – no one really does see how we like to see things, it’s okay, but this board here, that we have – gives this amazing opportunity to do so.

      So thank you Hustler, keep at it, as you help keep the community alive!


  11. Its been a huge honor for me being mentioned in your blog together with the tops dogs of the DGI community, thanks a lot!

    Here it is, this is the crop of each persons hard earned labor, the passive income that we are all seeking for. And once we reach our final goal, a new chapter in our journey to FI starts.

    Take care.

    • FTFF,

      Thanks for posting over here! Thank you, similar to hustler above – it’s you making it happen!

      This is the crop, these are the fruit of our work. Let’s keep planting more seeds and build this garden, cmon!!!


    • CD,

      No problem over here, just keep doing you and you’ll get to that level. The chase has been a fun one, but dang, they are doing awesome. To pull a Lebron… #Striveforgreatness


  12. Thank you for the DivHut mention. Always nice to see this inspiring rundown of passive income earned among our DGI community. Thank you for sharing.

    • DivHut,

      Of course! You’ve got a lot going on over there and it’s awesome to be a part of your journey. It’s a great community hands down to be a part of and it’s sweet to share milestones, summaries, posts, thoughts, suggestions and different investing methods. Let’s keep at it!


  13. Lanny, thanks for this great post and including me, much appreciated! I love this concept, it really shows how we’re all working towards the same goal of passive income. It’s nice to see the progress and to touch on what Dividend Hustler said, it’s hard talking about this sort of stuff outside of our blogs. So again, thanks for bringing the community together. June is going to be awesome!!

    – HMB

  14. Very nice group of dividend investors! It’s nice to see I am not the only one nearing the $1,000 per month. I am so close … with $891.38. Hoping to reach the $1K milestone this year.

    Well done everyone!

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