Why I Can’t Wait for 2017

This morning I have been thinking about “next year”, not in the Cleveland Browns sense where “there is always next year”, but that I am eagerly awaiting what is to come next year.  If you have read my articles, there are probably a few reasons that you can come up with as it relates to next year, but I was hoping to write about them and the impacts that it will have on my life , beginning January 2017.

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I Need to Read More

This one is out of left field, I know, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.  It is a phrase that almost everyone states or thinks, but rarely acts on.  How many have you said ….”I need to read more.”  Well, over the past few months, I have been trying to act on this phrase a lot more and follow through with the whole reading thing.   This article isn’t rocket science nor am I sharing the secret to investing or life.  I just wanted to share my experience with you and see if you have any tips to help keep me reading at night.


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5 Deciding Factors on an Investment Account for our LLC

It’s been essentially a whopping 24 months since we have monetized portions of our brand and website.  On top of that, our blog has been growing and we have started to earn revenue via Google Adsense and media.net advertisements.  We have built a small nest egg of cash and what would we, the Dividend Diplomats, do with a nest egg?  Invest in dividend paying stocks, of course!  We have a solid cash position and determined it to be the right time to research, investigate and decide on the factors for the right investment account for our Limited Liability Company (LLC).

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September Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

September dividend income summaries out the door? Check.  Quarterly goals articles completed? Check.  Well, you know what this means…time for our favorite series where we aggregate do our best to summarize as many dividend income summary articles from around the dividend growth investor community.  Due to time, we unfortunately cannot include every article that has been written to date.  We wish we could, trust us.  So please, please don’t take it personally if  were not included in this article.  Now, let’s get to the good stuff.  Time to dive in and check out some impressive September dividend income figures from YOU the bloggers!

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Lanny’s Q3 2016 Goals Update

9 Months are officially in the books and we are nearing the October month end.  2016 is flying – some highs and some lows, but all are experiences to learn from, that’s for damn sure.  There has been a lot of progress, set backs and steps taken forward in order to achieve goals, have a balanced life and new experiences.  I set lofty goals back in December of 2015 for my 2016 year and the first 9 months should provide a solid indication if I am on track to achieve the goals established.  Now, let’s see the big update!

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Bert’s October Stock Watch List

My last two articles have been reviewing my past performance, checking in on my goals through the end of September and reviewing my September dividend income.  Both of the articles were showing that my portfolio and dividend income are trending in the right direction.  With three months to spare, I’m looking to keep that momentum going.   So I took some time tonight to prepare my October stock watch list and see if I can pinpoint a few stocks to keep a close eye on over the next several weeks.


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5 Reasons Why You Need to Side Hustle

Most of us have our “Main” hustle where we go in for approximately 33% of our day, do what we need to do and “clock out”, then go home.  In this day of uncertainty, passion provoking thoughts, technology advancement, ease of information access and freedom to expand your ability to gain wealth, one should establish the “Side” hustle.  The side hustle helps accomplish many goals in your life, and I want to talk about the 5 reasons why I think everyone should work on their side hustle game!  Why?  Because we all want to be financially free, and have the ability to pursue what we want in our lifetime.

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